Casual Repartee – March 25, 2021


“You’re staring.”

“Oh.  Sorry, Ma’am.”

“Some men!”

“Some women.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“No offense. Some women just have a natural appeal.  Classic beauty.”

“Is that supposed to be flattery?”


“What is it then?”

“Not supposed to be flattery.  It is flattery.  You are a beautiful woman.  You should be used to hearing it.  Used to the stares.”

“Thank you. I guess.”

“A woman should hear it often.  That they’re beautiful, I mean. Even if they know it.”


“And I suspect you know it.”

“Leches don’t normally sling compliments.  They just leer.”

“Oh. Sorry again.  My cue to leave.”

“I didn’t mean you were a lech.”

“Sounded like it.  Suspect you’re not confident with who you are.”


“That’s wrong.  I mean you’re confident but looking for confirmation.  Watching who watches you.”

“Recognizing a man is staring?”

“Yes. There are leches. Then there are men who appreciate.”


“Like me.  Appreciate a beautiful woman.”

“I’m beautiful?”

“Already said that.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well.  Been sawed in half once already. I’ll be careful.”

“Good idea.”

“Striking face.  Poise.  Dress well, even casually.  Good um…”

“Good Bones?”

“You giggled.”

“I did.  You’re embarrassed.  Good bones?”

“More than that.  You know, I am sure.”


“Well, you opened it up.  Undeniably your parts are, um, noticeable.”

“How’s’ that?”

“Men notice you.  Have to.  You answer men’s idea of what a woman should be. Physically.  Right or wrong.”

“No.  I mean I notice, but it’s difficult to know what men think.”

“You’ve not been paying attention.”

“What are men looking for?”

“I don’t believe you asked that.”

“Well?  Your answer?”

“You can have all the physical looks.  Don’t make me elaborate. But then there’s a raw sensuality.  Feminine in all the right ways.”

“You’re starting again.”

“We’ve been talking three minutes now.  By today’s standards, we’re intimate.”

“Today’s standards!”


“Hah, what?”

“You giggled again.”

“Yes, I did.  You married?”

“Whoa! Quantum leap!”


“Well, what?”

“You married?”

“No.  You?”

“No. Got time for a cup of coffee?”

“You buying?”

“You have crust, Mister, I’ll give you that.”

“That mean you’re not gonna buy coffee?”

“Okay.  I’ll buy. You have some explaining to do.”

“Do my best.” 

“There’s a shop on the corner.”

“We sit down or take out?”

“You safe?  I mean you know…”

“Presumptuous, don’t you think?”

“No.  Not that.  I mean…”

“Oh.  The pandemic.”

“Yeah.  Odd, it takes precedence.”

“Yeah. Had my shots.”

“And the other?”


“The other…”

“Oh, that is presumptuous!”

“Can’t be too careful.”

“It’s just coffee.”

“Yeah. But I like your crust.”

Couple of century shorts. Now a bit longer.  Two, maybe three weeks, I should have you trained to not shy away at five hundred words.  Then a thousand.  Then an online novella.  Stick with me, kid.

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Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

21 thoughts on “Casual Repartee – March 25, 2021

  1. Splendid dialogue my friend. Good thing that here in Europe women are not so defensive against being told they are beautiful or good looking. In Spain we have a centuries old tradition, the “piropo”, which are nice sayings men say to women in the streets or in other public places and as long as the statements or sayings are not indecent, the women accept them graciously and they seem to feel a little better about themselves. Unfortunately some men say vulgar things and now the tradition is getting a bad reputation but it still exists. Good little story. I like short stories. I guess in my old age I’ve grown a trifle impatient…

    1. Well for all my tirades anti-brief, I too favor a short piece. Difficult to write well, and not many do it. Quite difficult without narrative. But I do so love a good piece of length. Operative, I guess, is “good.”

      Here, a man must be quite careful speaking so with an unknown woman. All the tribes will assault him if there is the least suspicion of impure intent. Um, no. It does not even have to be suspected; many delight in bringing charges to bear regardless of intent. Alas, what a great pity!

      Thank you sir, for dropping in. Do well as the week closes. SP

      1. I know, we had to take classes in sexual harassment in the PD and the list of no-no’s began with “elevator looks”! But it did not fly in the squadroom where the girls had to take it like the men did, listening to crude jokes, unsavoury stories and bad words just the same and no one complained to the Top.
        Always a pleasure dropping in and I must say, you’ve a great style in dialogue, very natural, very easy flowing and interesting. You create a complete visual scene without any descriptions, one still clearly sees what is going on around the characters. Great work! You should attempt perhaps a play or a script for sitcoms or movies…

      2. Zooks! High praise. Metaphor is just that in the form of an overlong novel. Am in fact working a play, but the format is odd to me, even having played bit parts in am-productions years (and years, and years) ago. Do well this evening, sir. SP

      3. BTW -so long ago, my uniform days, there was no such thing as social schooling. If one of the men got out of hand, the shift Sgt or a Dick would be all over him like ugly on a toad – no waiting for a formal complaint – act wrong, a senior would be pulling your suspenders!

    1. Glad you like the conversational style. Thank you for reading and more for dropping a few words on it. Afternoon out your way – hope it’s a pleasant one for you.

  2. Excellent dialogue again. Flirting is a dangerous game in the current climate. Like treading on eggshells when you are wearing Doc Marten’s.

    1. Gone are the days “In days of old, when knights were bold, and Ladies not particular…” Thanks for shopping here. I promise to do better next time.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Entirely imaginary from bits and pieces of experience. Once in a while two folk meet, both adult, no axes to grind, and mysterious magic happens. On the other hand (be warned, a conversation may appear later) there was an alternate flow which ended quite differently.

  3. A very interesting conversation. From the beginning it seems like the woman are a bit annoyed… maybe because of bad experiences or maybe because of a lack of self-confidence. But I think it might be a game… a way to keep the conversation going. She enjoys the attention from the man and she wants to explore more about him. By acting innocent and respond him with questions, he gets the role of the mature man who has to give a curious child all the answers. He cannot stop. And he doesn’ t want to. She has hypnotized him with more than just her appearance… Now he is the prey that she is grabbing… 😊 A very good writing that I think leaves it to the reader to interpret what is going on! I liked it a lot! 👍👍

    1. Thank you for commenting. I understand your perspective. Um, no, I don’t but I understand your personal thoughts m&f. I think. I am glad you worked on interpreting in your own way (a fiction writer’s goal to suggest and leave the ultimate detail to the audience, each one in their own way based on their understanding and experience). You do see “she” took the initiative, suggesting coffee and left an insinuation for him to deal with, while “he,” convinced in his opinion, was unsure of how “she” regarded him? Rare are the man and woman (even wives and husbands) who understand each other completely. I am glad you liked the work.

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