Broken Rules – March 22, 2021

If there are rules, follow them. 

If you find it necessary to break rules, do not declare your transgression allowable.

Because it is not; it mocks the rules.

Haiku speaks of form,
Which the best of us ignore.
Haiku then, or not?

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Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

13 thoughts on “Broken Rules – March 22, 2021

    1. He’s just the perplexed face. Like the surprised, the confused and the grumpy old guy. Which I am. In this case, the traditional Haiku poem is supposed to be 5-7-5 but it seems more often than not poets take liberties so confusing this student trying to understand the form.

  1. Rules are made for the benefit of the community but as a community we also have the right and the obligation to make sure the rules are just and fair to all and as well current and necessary. I believe in law and order but not in blind allegiance and definitely not in the absolute power of the state. The power must and should always rest with the people. Good article SP, you’ve made me think of serious things before 0900 hours today, and being that it’s Monday, it’s disco mate! Thanks! All the best to you,

    1. Knew this one would set me up. Take visual arts. Can I paint as Matisse and call myself a Remington? No, and it does not detract from the style of Matisse or Remington or my own style. But I dare not say I have done a Remington if what I have done is Grandma Moses. Thank you for your thoughtful and esteemed input, which I will (as with Master Hobbo’s below) add to my understand of all art forms.

      1. Well, as with anything really, art has rules, procedures, craft and elements of style and form. In centuries past there was a handbook published by the academics and handed out to all the artists’ guilds that laid out specific rules on how to paint a man, a woman, a child et cetera et cetera…now, after the advent of Modern Art, which may have started as far back as with Goya in the XVIIIth C., rules are only there as a historical item to be contemplated and to use to decipher and dis-articulate ancient paintings for study purposes and that’s about it. Reference rules nowadays, I frankly ignore them but I do use the formulas that exist for composition, for perspective and for the unity of a theme or composition and how to guide the eyes of the viewer and, of course, for colour mixing and use, although I don’t necessarily want to use colours that are complementary if I want to use a discordant or dissonant expression in my work. I thank you again, my good friend, for making me think about all these things that are so academic…all the best to you. It is quite a lovely Monday morning in Valencia, with about 16 degrees and quite a lot of sunshine…

  2. A serious bit of frippery SP. Rules for the good order of society, I can live with 100%.
    Rules which tell me how to structure a poem, no thank you!

    1. I cannot argue the Master. But if traditional Haiku says thus and so, who am I to say the alterations I have made are Haiku? Let me do as I wish, and call it what I wish but not Haiku. Thank you for dropping words of wisdom, my process of learning continues.

      1. I get that, and I suppose my comment was a bit flippant. For instance if I write a Haiku or a Limerick I will try to stick to the recognised format. It’s these other forms of poetry where the rules are so prescriptive that they strangle creativity. I know there are those who would argue that it’s part of the discipline, but I prefer to express myself freely. It’s only personal choice though! Thanks for commenting.

      2. Not at all flippant. Your mind, you spoke it, we respect it. I am on board with your philosophy. Which does not abandon mine. Thanks again for stopping by and adding your voice.

  3. I was raised to be a good boy and follow the rules
    Now I am a little wiser and question all rules is it right/is it just
    If a bad rule, I first find out how to change the rule or make a courteous exception.
    if all else fails, setting fire to public buildings may be indicated esp. when done wearing Viking horns.

    1. What ya got there is tolerance. They’s a pill for that, so’s not to have folk running you over. Maybe a shade of respect, too. They’s also a pill for that.

      Suspect improper toilet training if you insist on looking for a way to amend perceived ills peaceably. Or a shortage of Viking horns.

      The issue at hand was not that “rules” need changing, just that some can’t conform, so march to that different drummer, insisting they are in fact following rules. Best I can go at in the way of illustration is using a jet engine in the Iditarod and insisting your sled is husky-powered.

      Thanks for popping-in and dropping sage words on us all here.

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