Speculative Flash Fiction – March 20, 2021

NSFW for a bit of swearing. Maybe an ugly visual.

They is those what like brief.  This is brief, a C-note.  Then you can go about your business.


“We gotta eat something.”

“But the goddam thing’s green!  Six legs.  I guess legs.”

“Only green outside.  Here, I’ll whack it open.”   [Thwock!]

“Ugh! Green inside too.”

“Don’t smell bad.”

“Your ass! Smells like, like…”

“Don’t say it.  Won’t stick in your mind.  Feels like meat.  Remember meat?”

“No. Before my time.  Always Synthexx for me”

“No more Synthexx.  All gone.”

“So, it’s eat this…”

“…or die.”


“You shot the damned thing.”

“Shoot or get shot.”

“We dunno that.”

Looked like a weapon!”

“Aw, geeze! It’s got pocket-like things.” 

“What’s inside?”

“Dunno. Looks like paper.  And…”

“Some kinda writing.”

© SP Wilcenski 2021

PSA: New sojourners only – you get lost, stumble on “Writings,” see something that strikes your fancy, let me know. I’ll have Rebus repost the thing. 

PSA2:  MSM CBS reports that “scientists” warn murder hornets can pose a danger this spring. Links follow

MSM bulletin

Interesting MH pictures

 (Self-serving spwilcenwrites plugs) Goofball previous blogs (remember you heard it here first!)

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A spoof on micro-tech-bio solutions

PSA3: ZipFast, which incidentally is earth friendly, is now available only thru mail-order.

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    1. Thanks for looking in. 100 words w/o narrative requires fast “pictures.” Eight? Insect. Two? Clearly human. Three? Seems rather alien. Oh, my! should have gone with three!

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