I Salute You – March 18, 2021

There are WP posters out there standing head-and-shoulders above me.  They are not bloggers as I view bloggers in the “traditional” sense. These are creative writers.  Each usually has a specialty.  As a rule, they are talented far beyond a single genre, eclectic.

Let me back-up.

I see a “traditional” blogger1 as a stream of consciousness writer, or a “this morning for breakfast I had,” or a “for the best performance in diesel-powered toasters I recommend” kind of writer.  There are variations: crafters, recipe mavens – specialized or not, and those who just want to hawk their wares.  We can’t forget “My little kitties,” “My dear Schnauzer,” “This is how I farm,” “Let’s learn to combat Spazio Autokinesis2 together!” and “This is our social challenge!” bloggers.  These folks in their realms are top-notch.

It remains that the bloggers I value especially are those in the mix who are creative writers.  That’s not a value judgement.  That’s because I fancy myself one of those creative types.  That’s where my interest lies.  Other (non-creative) bloggers are most interesting, deliver amazing insight or important information, and I visit frequently and “follow” a good number of them.

But it’s those talented creative writers who turn my crank.3  Be they poets, flash fictioners, essayists, short story specialists, or ranters; penning sci-fi, slice-of-life, horror, humor, romance,4 crime noir, westerns, satire, or fantasy.  It probably is the spark of genius.  That thing that both evokes a bit of envy and inspires my efforts.

Not discounting the documentalists and political axe-grinders.  The good documentalists and axe-grinders. The ones who could write of a day in the life of Grog Stonechip in the year 8000 BCE5 or the advisability of underwriting research into the sex life of dinosaurs and make it authoritative, interesting, complete, and on a good day, even humorous.  And there are some good’ns out there.

So here you go bloggers I follow and bloggers I stumble across and comment upon, no matter what your blog’s agenda:

Well done!

Thank you for making life interesting, inspiring, challenging, and yes on occasion intimidating.

That, now, with a couple of bucks will get you a cup of coffee.

1 “Blog” being an abbreviation of “web log” in that pseudo-clever “around your shoulder to get to your thumb” way we smash, bend, stretch, and corrupt words to new meanings to suit our purposes and sense of neo-technic.  The original meaning suggests (ahem) a log, journal, diary, or some other blow-by-blow, generally close to truth, albeit biased, not fiction.  That blogs are now showcases for artistic endeavors of uncountable variety and many of those fictional is akin to a path worn into the grass in a city park.  Park designers lay out paths and place stone, coarse mulch, or concrete where it is expected foot traffic will be necessary.  Always, always, always, people being people, they will not use designed paths but rather, even when inconvenient, wear ruts into grass or flower beds instead. The clever park landscaper will revisit and re-lay footpaths. I’ve seen where this is to no avail, people seeing new intended footpaths will not use them, but travel new grass and flower beds that have replaced original footpaths.  So.  Which footpath is “correct”?  It is, I think a matter of utility. There is no “correct” with blogs. There are only different types.

2 Hyperbole.  A made-up stand-in for any number of real afflictions and worthy efforts to solve problems they present.

3 An expression loosely for “turns you on” but without any overt or subliminal erotic connotations. Floats your boat.  Gets gravel for your duck.  Puts wind in your sails. Naturally, any of these expressions can be used to insinuate something off-color and every trade, profession, and ethnicity has its own collection of such to say “whatever!”

4 Romance is a stretch for me. Fantasy, horror, and the grotesque somewhat too.  Top-flight writers in these genres can suck me in and make me forget I “don’t like” a particular vehicle.  Except for Romance. One can only take so many trembling loins.

5 Before Common Era.  What used to be BC of the BC/AD combo. What would Johnny Hart make of that?

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Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

10 thoughts on “I Salute You – March 18, 2021

  1. This is very true SP and I agree fully and actually feel the same way and do the same thing. Your blog is certainly among my top favourites and definitely one of the most interesting. I find that even among thousands of followers only a handful actually communicate and read my posts and I wonder if that’s the same with everyone and if it’s the MO for blogs…
    Have a great middle of the week my friend!
    All the best,

    1. You do me honor, sir. It does take time to ‘communicate’ with bloggers, but quickly they become more than blogger, they are friends. Valued friends. Thank you for taking time to comment and for being one of several contributors I look forward to reading. We are now mid-week. Do be careful, but take time for Francisco. SP

      1. As you are most certainly one of the blogs that I look forward to and read, cautiously read, I might add as sometimes the colloquial language does make me wonder, but I can always interpret the almost poetic form in which you write, incorporation humour, wit and sarcasm. All splendid elements. I am just glad that I understand and communicate as an American so that I can fully enjoy your posts! Thank you my friend and you are right, bloggers become friends because we share a lot on a continuous basis and we understand what each one of us is doing without judgements or misgivings. Take good care, you too, enjoy the middle of the week and take time for yourself and loved ones around you.
        All the best to you my good friend,

      2. Thank you again. Consider those I follow my mentors, in fine arts, in prose, in music (is all that redundant?) and indeed truly miss them when they skip a beat. As to my vernacular, I try when I suspect I’m obscure to make a note, but sometimes I get caught up in what I’m about. If I do, pop a note and chastise. Thanks, do well today. SP

  2. A carefully crafted tribute to your fellow bloggers. In your usual self deprecating manner you exclude yourself, but your posts are witty, incisive and you have certainly developed a style of your own. That, of itself, is a talent. As you know, I look forward to reading them.
    I agree with Francisco above that of the so called followers only a small handful actually do follow and contribute. So hears to us, and those that do!

    1. Here, here! Yes indeedy, there are some I look forward to each day with glee, curiosity. You have, though, I fear mixed me up with another – witty, incisive – I would caution you to pay closer attention. It’s swell to hear compliments, but that means someone truly deserving has gone without. Early afternoon for you now – take care as we wind the week down. In a a few, I will push my coffee aside and see what literary gifts are beneath my WP tree. SP

  3. Couple of “that of the so called followers only a small handful actually do follow and contribute” comments above. What y’all need to take into account is: What’s been said, the way it’s been said, is WAY better than we could possibly repeat it. Some of us just aren’t very good with words. But come on over and I’ll make you a fine stack of pancakes!

    1. Thee beest good with words. It’s understanding where you’re (anyone is) coming from, which takes continual reading which (shudder) suggests commitment. Thanks for dropping in. Catch you in a bit.

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