Gone Too Far – March 15, 2021

Not a rant, kiddies, an observation and opinion.

With all the genuine ills of the world it would be swell if a bit of sanity1 plagued us briefly.

This morning in my news feed an NYT twit, C M Blow, reportedly declared Pepe Le Pew a rapist, to be banned from cartoons post haste. Blow, this sniveling ******2 has gone too far. So far that his arguments are ludicrous.  Like many, many others.

This Amelia Bedelia ding-dong, not Pepe, but this NYT writer, is in my opinion a cartoon piece himself.  Why did he not also declare Bugs an unfair characterization of rabbits, and toss-in Daffy at the same time?  Perhaps E Fudd too, as an unfair and demeaning portrayal of ****3 persons at the same time the violence of hunting is suggested.  Children exposed to these stereotypes will doubtless be scarred for life, unable to function correctly in society for their trauma and the evil ideas placed in their heads, right? (That for those who will not see, is sarcasm.)

Soon, very soon, one will not be able to sit to an electronic piece of *****4 paper to noodle thoughts and ideas. Every other word will be stigmatized and forbidden, criminalized. If the likes of Blow and other twits have their way.  Seuss?  Well, perhaps.  He did after all, write of *****5 eggs and such, and villainize Grinches.  ******6 help us!  Even children understand hyperbole. Blow, does not. There is a difference between hyperbole and ludicrousness.  It’s in context.

Yes.  I’m all for a bit of sanity.  We’ve had enough *******7 moaning about the evils of the world. Evils that are not in fact evils. Real evils are not in words (or images) with multiple meanings but in the minds of twits who cannot understand that the evil of any word8 is what lurks in the mind of their readers or listeners, and the worst offenders, the ones most apt to think an improper word-value, are these sniveling twits themselves.

Words, cartoons, phrases, images: let me decide.  Let me teach my children to analyze, understand, and judge for themselves.  Gonna tell you most children I know understand more than a certain NYT writer.

1 Far be it from me to suggest insanity evil or undesirable.

2 turkey

3 bald

4 white

5 green

6 Heaven

7 asinine

8 or concept or image or facial expression or ethnicity or gender or…

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19 thoughts on “Gone Too Far – March 15, 2021

    1. Yeah. I can overlook that though as I have a soft spot for one-eyed gingers. I mean, looks aren’t everything. Thanks for stopping in, sailor.

  1. An excellent post SP.

    There is a section of our supposed civilized society who would happily ban any material with the potential to cause any one person offense, outrage or upset, thereby condemning the entire planet to live in a bland world of mediocrity.

    Others espouse freedom of speech at any price, however inflammatory.

    As with so many things in life, the wise person looks for compromise somewhere along that continuum.

    If I haven’t explained this very articulately, I blame the white tablets that Dauphy has been force feeding me this morning.

    1. Dauph: Attaboy! Hobb: send me ASAP some of that comm pro mize. Economy size. Mine all used-up, none on the shelves, Amazone don’t got it, and I am in sore need. Worried briefly I was going to lean left (found an argument compelling) then (while not abandoning that well-propositioned idea) found my conservatism started to ache terribly. Naproxen won’t touch it. Help, help, help! Thanks for stopping in, dropping words, and making me suspect I’m not beyond redemption. Now. You. Get out there and do some poeting!

      1. Compulsory? What a swell idea. Late evening out your way, sir. Sleep tight. We get to go at it again all over tomorrow!

    1. What is it you guys in English goofing off? Oh, yeah, right, time for a sit in the pub and a bit of relax accounta it’s evening there. Thanks for stopping in.

  2. Bravo SP! You’ve said it quite well my friend! The whole idea that people cannot think for themselves, that they must be guided towards and away from things comes from a totalitarian mentality, and those who write such rubbish are there as UI (useful idiots) judging and deciding what should be read, seen, listened to or whatever, and what should not. In the US this type of “correction” is on steroids, at least here in Europe not so much, but we are too easily influenced by America and already we are seeing some of those ideas spoken of. But here in Spain they are spoken of by the far left, communist parties and not by the centre or centre right ones, not even by the left leaning socialist party. Frankly I think it is ridiculous. I never liked ethnic jokes or comedies based upon laughing at others for disabilities or other perceived flaws and I never cared for political or especially religious satire, but I would never dream of writing, influencing or even saying that it should not exist. I read all types of books, old books that were filled with the prejudices of the time and I think they are important for young people of this time to read and to understand and just because they read about it does not mean that that’s what they will become. Do they teach anything at journalism school?
    Great post SP, and all the best from a great Monday here in Valencia,
    All the best to you,

    1. Thank you good friend for stopping by and for your well-chosen words. People think for my name I am Polish. I am the first to tell a good Polack joke. If we cannot laugh at ourselves were are indeed sorry individuals. It is in the tome. Few have ever told a joke on my “heritage” with genuine rancor. Those are redressed. Otherwise we all share a laugh as we all realize the same humor applies to Texas Aggies, Good Ole Southern Boys, “ditzy” Blondes, Republicans and Democrats, and southpaws. It is context and tone. One can tell the difference between hate and humor. One NEEDS to teach ones children. Press on into the week successfully, sir! SP

      1. Your last line says it all, one needs to teach one’s children, which is something that is not happening with this generation. I witnessed something that I would not have ever imagined, not even with my crazy imagination. I was sitting at my friend’s bar and he was there with his wife and young son, about 13 years old. A man walked past and the child said, “hello Paul” (not the real name), and the man smiled and waved and walked on. My friend asked his son who the man was and the child responded that he was the school’s principal! In my time we addressed our teachers, the lay ones as Mr. or Mrs. and the religious (I went to Jesuit school) as Father, Brother or Sister. It would never occur to any of us to chat with them on equal footing by calling them by their first names! But I asked and the child said that it was encouraged in the schools to promote a greater sense of equality between the students and the teachers! Equality? In schools? I guess I just wasn’t made for these times. And reference laughing at one’s self. I quite agree, and I do it all the time. Every morning when I go wash my face and teeth I have a good laugh!
        Cheers my friend, it’s wine time in Europe!

  3. Pepe Le Pew for president! No, I suppose the rooster will get sighted for slandering people from the south next. It’s so very millennial, and I can say this just barely not being one myself, for everything to be about erasure. You can’t rewrite history by tearing down a statue or making Popeye the sailor man give Olive Oil more equal talk time in their marriage. Scrub, scrub scrub millennial grubs—they’d probably advocate for wiping our minds if they could 😉 I’m very sarcastic so feel free to ignore this rant, and good post!

    1. Au contraire! You are spot on! (We rather have a Pepe Le Pew (in the form of Sleepy Sleazy) as president now, pardon me if you lean left at all or Democrat for any one of a number of decent philosophies they espouse) Will I live long enough to see things come sensibly full-circle? Or even just long enough for “erasures” and censures to include libleft paraphenalia? I dunno. Feel free to rant, sub-rant, grouse, kvetch, bellyache, and (gasp) bitch. I won’t censure except in rare cases and then only to protect against (intentional or not) lewd overtures, or (always intentional) pure hate. Geeze, worst offender here is usually me. Thanks for popping-in.

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