Unplugged – March 5, 2021

Well, this would be one way to unplug…

Do you know today is, according to some “authority” the National Day of Unplugging?  That ‘authority’ I discovered is NDU.com.  Is this a little bit self-serving or what?

The idea is good.  There is merit in re-examining how we wire ourselves into the world ignoring people, nature, and ourselves.  I question one more net-connect to further the cause.

What we need to do individually if it strikes us that we spend too much time on the net, in front of the tube, on social media, is to find a non-electron way to zone. Music, walking, sports, reading, a serious conversation with our dogs, cats, goats, and hamsters. Maybe our spouses or Sig-Os. Aquarium denizens notorious for being so unplugged, making a connection with them is neigh impossible.

Now, I’ve one or two more things that demand attention and merciless electron abuse, then I must get to the local pharmacy to see if they have any NDoU cards left.  I’ll atone by carrying over into Saturday.  Noon ought to do it.  What is an appropriate NDoU gift?  Anyone?


[I see by their site, research of course, that though called “National” the idea enjoys global support.  Time for the IDoU?]

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9 thoughts on “Unplugged – March 5, 2021

  1. Well mate, had you unplugged you would not have written this post that we all would not have read. Had we all unplugged then whether or not you plugged or unplugged, the article still would have been unread…so? Is there a virtue to this Day? Think about it as it comports to an ethical dilemma…

    1. Ah you devil, you got me! I will disconnect today as I DO have a piece to finish. Not for WP but poetry of epic proportions. Not Homer-ish, more Robert Service-ish. Again, do well, stay safe this weekend.

    1. Hurry Dauphy, hurry! I don’t know how much ground you have to cover. Hobbo’s bud needs help. I can’t make it. Up to you!

  2. Pills administered.
    Dauphy’s recommendation for a NDoU present is extra dog treats (what else).
    Mine would have to be a black labrador puppy!

    1. You do walk the edge, Hobbs. Unless of course, The D would welcome another to help manage his bud, Hobbs. Get the good treats out for The D. He’s earned them.

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