Concentration – February 26, 2021

Hot dang! Trying to work on an episodic piece of poetry.  Wild west.  Eight, at present, vignettes.  Grim for the most part.  One at least humorous.  Having great difficulty.  At risk of causing disbelief in non-poets and mild amusement in poets, poetremy is labor.  Hard labor.  When it goes good, it well, um, it goes good.  When it don’t, it don’t.  I’m working with a lot of don’t right now.  One must focus. Concentrate.  Blue, true, flew, tattoo…

Yes, I’ve complained many times I “don’t do poetry.”  That’s still true.  This work has promise, though, so I’m sticking with it.  That’s not the difficulty today.

Today, I’ve a remediation crew working away on the first steps of handling the ice storm damage.  All you studly types out there wondering why I’m not about it myself, right?  Simple. Sort of.  Insurance.  I hope insurance will cover most of the cost.  Insurance people wouldn’t be thrilled with my credentials. 

So, there are a couple of professionals at work.  They’re not concerned with any of my self-imposed deadlines.  I am.  While I work here at the keyboard, they are going at it outside my office.  The harder they go at it, the un-harder I go at it.  Not making much progress with the poemetry.  Already, they’ve caused me to have to relocate the router.  Pull some bookcases.  When I sit to see, plea, flee, shivaree, and just about have the thing figured, they fire-up their noisemaker.

So, I reckoned, no poemetrics gonna happen in all the noise and interruptions. 

Not a problem.  I’ll whip out a blog post.

Nope.  No whipping-out today. 

And hey!  Lookit!  Less than five-hundred words.  Now if I could just find a picture of a kitty cat.

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Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

14 thoughts on “Concentration – February 26, 2021

  1. Ski,

    Sorry to hear that Jack Frost was so destructive! I guess you are fortunate to have a good homeowner’s policy.

    I have a photo of The Beautiful Princess Lilly, our black cat, should you really need one.


    1. The Kitty cat is a running poke. Put a kitty cat or a puppy on your post, readership goes up 3x. “Aw, so cute. Love that kitty cat. Puppies are the absolute best!”

  2. Best of luck SP with the poetry. I am sure it will be smashing good! And I’ll check my photos I think I’ve some lovely pics of some exotic Sphinx cats you might want to borrow. You know those cats with no hair…

    1. Appreciate your dropping by. Nice offer on the cat pics. If Imma get one I want a real live one. Boss would love that too. We’re considering relo right now so it would not be good for an animal – dog or cat.
      Hey! It’s the weekend! Have a great one, Sir!
      The cats, are a running dig at kitty cat people – those who would rather kitty cat than people. Now, a dog, I might be inclined…

      1. Well, having gone through a major relocation just two years ago, I know how much work that is, so best of luck. One tip, make it an adventure and as much fun as possible. In Valencia there are more dogs than humans, I think. And not all dog owners are responsible enough to pick up after their dogs! That’s why I’m a cat person, cats don’t need that much looking after as they’ve never lost their wild edge…
        Have a great weekend SP! All the best,

      2. Find the dog population there interesting. I like both cats and dogs. Dogs and I get on marvelously, because they feel I am as clueless as they. Cats, on the other hand KNOW I am stupid and are a trifle condescending except at mealtime or when a good ear scratch is needed. Make it a good one. Thanks for the advice.

  3. I hate that. Last week I was working away and the next thing, the neighnours have the gardeners in and there’s a chainsaw 30 yds away! Mostly I can live with this but when I’m writing my software I like quiet.

    1. Moving forward I can take. It’s the thought that it’s “repair” that does not sit well. I need the radio in the background, quietly. Today a favorite – Opera at 1 PM. Makes no difference what it is, just something about it. Do well, sir. Thanks for looking in.

  4. I feel your pain. I can generally concentrate whatever is going on. The one exception is the female in the Hobbo household. When Mrs Hobbo speaks, I just give in and down laptop!

    1. The Boss is difficult to ignore. I have discovered I don’t WANT to ignore her. Bright spot, reason to be, and all. Thanks for looking in this morning. Stay safe,

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