Social Re-engineering – February 24, 2021

My morning workload should be comfortably abbreviated now that I’ve carefully observed the way life is here on planet Dubyapee.  It took me awhile. I’m slow to learn.  Especially slow when what I see befuddles me because it violates my naïve expectations of people. 

As an avowed misanthrope, you’d figure I’d know better.  Most of my adult life though, I’ve held out that I was mostly wrong about people.  Certainly wrong about those I got to know personally, so-to-speak, professionally and socially.


Always thinking it was my fault.  A shortcoming on my part when personal interactions seemed less than satisfactory. When viewed from my side.

Got it now.

It is my fault.  My fault not for not putting my heart into interaction, but my fault for assuming because certain folk talk the game nice, they’re gonna play the game nice.  Once failed, done.  Easy.

No surprise, an old dude, I don’t have a lot of time to waste. So I’ll not waste any of it investing in folks who, whatever their motivation, by their actions ultimately disappoint.

Stay with the good’ns.  Write off the bad’ns.

Not to worry. The only person I’m re-engineering is me.  Here on planet Dubyapee.

Real readers won’t see a change.  They may ask, “What the zorch is he going-on about?”  The rest won’t notice anyway, being too otherwise preoccupied.

As I get better at it, the good’ns may notice I’m paying them more attention.  Right.  They deserve it.

Got my scout badge for helping the elderly today.  For the bad weather, hustling to renew auto registration before the end of month, I’d waited through the vehicle inspection, driven to the clerk’s office and saw a humongous line there.  Ah well.  As I approached the tail end of that line, I saw coming from the other direction, an elderly gent doing the “I have all I can do to walk” shuffle.  When he pulled-up even with me, bound I know for the end of the line behind me, I told the gent to step in line in front of me.  He thought it odd.  Told him I watched him approach; had he a younger man’s legs, he’d have been in front of me. Seemed fair.  He was delighted.  By then two new line-uppers behind me may have been upset. I didn’t care.

I’m betting the old dude was younger than me.  If it was an act – which I doubt – he delivered an Oscar performance and rated some kind of consideration.  No one challenged me.  The misanthrope in me might have relished that; haven’t had a decent confrontation in a couple of weeks.

A lot of tradesmen’s trucks and vans in the hood yesterday and today.  Looks Chez Espie wasn’t the only one to have storm-related issues.  Doesn’t make it any more comfortable, this unspoken commiseration.  Do know I was the only idiot out in the cold, on a ladder, whacking away at ice jams to keep damage to a minimum.

Did watch some real clowns Sunday afternoon.  One dork couldn’t make it up the hill out front in his gasoline chariot.  Gave it three goes.  A shiny new SUV pulled up behind him and tried nudging the first dork up the hill.  Pretty chancy I figure as Urban Cowboy SUVs are not designed to push another vehicle nose-to-butt.  Grillwork is costly and most of it costly plastic.  Didn’t work. Dorks one and two stuck. A third car tried to go around only to be thwarted by the ice. 

Then the street was dork-blocked.

Ten minutes later, six guys with shovels started hacking a path up the hill in the street.  All they needed to clear was enough for one tire, but these dorks cleared a swath wide enough for a land yacht.  Forty-five minutes.  No heart attacks.  

Guess what?  Two hours later, the sun was melting the ice to slush.  Anyone could make it up the hill without the track.

Entertainment is free if you’re observant.

Supper is ready. 

Catch you tomorrow.  Maybe.

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Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

13 thoughts on “Social Re-engineering – February 24, 2021

  1. Two stand out lines here Espie:

    Dork blocked, ROFL, inspired.
    Entertainment is free if you’re observant. That is just so very true, and it’s how the best comedians make their living.

    Trust you are recovered from your ice hacking exertions.

      1. Your thoughts about not wasting time on people who are not worth the effort also rang a bell. I’m a bit like that with books these days. If they don’t instantly grab me, I give up on them. Life is too precious to be spent reading something I don’t enjoy.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this entry. And I am with you, I’ve no more time to suffer fools or the bad ones, as you say. I’ve no patience, never had, for idiots, so now I’ve totally written them out of my life. I congratulate you on your good deed. I think I would have done the same thing, for sure. Well, another lovely ramble, which did not ramble too much, just right. Take good care SP and all the best to you,

    1. Ah, good sir, thanks for stopping by. Hope things are going well, and importantly safely. You should be nearing completion on the fourth commission. Right?

      1. Always a pleasure to stop by for an interesting read SP. And yes, the last one is all sketched out and the bases are already laid on the canvas, so it is just a matter of mixing paint, selecting a palette and deciding on the way I will apply paint to canvas, meaning texture, brilliance et cetera, just technical aspects, but most of the work is done. Thank you! All the best to you my friend,

  3. Twenty years in Navy Medicine it took me only 2 years to realize that some people should just be allowed to go away.
    Dude, I don’t always comment, but I do read every e-mail post I get. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for taking time to drop a word or two. I appreciate it. Watched your weather woes. Bam! We got some S*** here. Pelletized, filled the gutters, thawed, froze solid, more snow, more freeze. Backups when the thaw came in spite of hours on the Verboten ladders in the ****ing cold. Gonna be an interesting spring. Stay safe out in Warshintin.

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