Around the World – February 22, 2021

I’m not including links.  This is not to supplant your favorite newsfeed.  Just some of the events I’ll be watching the next couple of weeks.  Like I don’t already have enough to fret over. If one of these blurbs makes you curious to know more, a quick web search will expose you equally to both sides as much as MSM is capable, if in fact there are “sides.”


Still not a good place to be.  For the weather. A politico, demonstrating what makes politicians so loveable, was off on a warm vacation retreat?  Skyrocketing electric bills?  No water?  I guess plans for statehood are down the tubes.

In the skies over Denver

777 blows an engine in the skies over Denver?  Film clips from MSM pretty scary.  Two engines, so not to worry.  Still got one left.  Hmm.  What’s the glide ratio for a bumblebee that size?  Who gets the ticket for littering?  Boeing?  United?  The pilot?

And in the Netherlands…

747.  Same deal.  Anybody for Boeing stock?  Prat & Whitney stock maybe?  I’m thinking about train travel.  Wonder what the stats are for miles per fatality for rail travel and air travel?  Or miles per scary incident. Still probably pretty good compared to driving your personal vehicle on the highways.

Blow an engine on the highway, though, landing is not usually a concern.

Down a week here

For the terrible cold and snow.  I thought to spend the day up and down a ladder to see if it looked better from higher up.  Nope.  While I was up there, cleaned enough ice from the gutters to keep a Manhattan bar in ice for a week.  Big, four-inch-thick chunks of ice contoured to the eavestroughs.  Rotated gloves and boots.  Kept the handy-dandy boot dryer busy.  Today. Want to guess?  Sore, stiff, and frustrated.  I’m not officially allowed to climb ladders.  Gotta do what ya gotta do. This story, for the damage caused, is just beginning.

Iberian Peninsula – Barcelona

Alerted by a correspondent to the unrest there.  Jailed rapper?  Smashing store windows in “protest”?   Battling Police?  Why? Someone explain this violence to me.  I do not understand.  Free Speech?  To include fomenting violence?  “Peaceful” elsewhere?

Old conservative guy, I still think a lot of this goes back to poor parenting.  Suspect if years ago more fannies had been pounded, say for example, for spray-painting the neighbor’s Cocker Spaniel, a smidge of respect for other people and other people’s property might exist.  Too, if the spray paint episode was prompted by the dog chewing the kid’s soccer ball until it became a flat hole-riddled bladder, Junior might have been educated in the proper way to seek redress.

Ah, but now, should a parent resort to seat-of-the-pants education, the parent would be up on charges.

Know what?  The Cocker Spaniel likely was not charged.   Today, spray painting other peoples’ property is probably a credited university course.  At the least, lawyers lick their greedy chops over lawsuits against paint manufactures and retail stores.

Smith College US(of)A

Woman resigned her position because she felt she was being subjected to discrimination.  As she tells it, hostile discrimination supported by mandatory attendance at social reengineering seminars where she was abused because she is white.  Okay.  I get it. I see it all the time.  More purple against green.  A question suggests. How is purple discriminating against green an allowable replacement for green discriminating against purple? This woman, reported as a life-long liberal herself, resigned her Student Support Coordinator position. 

Here’s a bright note

Dr. Fauci says face masks may be the norm until 2022.  Whoopee!   I lied about the “bright note.”  To make peace, here’s a genuine piece of “up.”  Mr. Boris Johnson is reported ready to reveal a plan to ease the lockdown in England.

Disney – Muppets “offensive content”

Okay.  At first, I confused this with “Sesame Street.” Despite the similarity, two different venues and certainly two different audiences.  Now streaming on the premium service, episodes of the 70’s show are being aired with a preliminary warning for offensive content.

Well of course.  Everything is offensive now.  Plans are afoot in the Massachusetts state house to introduce legislation requiring men to wear one green sock and one purple sock.  Women’s hosiery not similarly affected until 2025 due to the extensive retooling necessary to fabricate pantyhose with green and purple.

Offensive Muppets: Statler and Waldorf are still my favorites.  Figure that one out, as fifty years ago I was not a curmudgeonly old man.


Who really cares?

It’s in the wrist…

Or in the knee.  CEO of a pillow manufacturer is being sued by a voting machine company for libel.  (He alleged election fraud.)  Suspect if he’d taken a knee when he filed, he could count on Hollywood and all of professional sports to support him.  Do CEO lives matter?  Wanna bet next year Dominion hasn’t diversified into election devices and sleep gear?

Here’s hoping

Doesn’t take much to find news to spoil your day.  It is hard work to find pleasant news, something to make you smile.  Wonder if it’s completely against human nature to have it otherwise?  I mean, there are good things happening, good people out there.  As convenient as it is to blame MSM for reporting only depressing or alarming events, for some strange reason, MSM doesn’t see it that way.  They manufacture, excuse me, report, what’s out there that will grab the attention of readers.  To make a buck, you know.  What does that say of readers?

Here’s hoping your day, wherever you are, brings a few smiles. 

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16 thoughts on “Around the World – February 22, 2021

  1. Poor parenting, don’t even get me started! Littering planes, whatever next? What do they do with our toilet waste? Chuck it? Recycle it?
    Offensive muppets! we have all met a few of them in our time!
    Nice read S.P, now taking time to pick the bones out of Boris’s cunning plan.

  2. A very interesting account of world events. And a pleasure to read, given your humorous approach, makes the news more palatable. Gotta say they were at it again in Barcelona, a sixth night of violence. They’re anarchists and armed leftist groups known here as anti system or anti establishment. The rapper’s an excuse, they’ve another agenda. The police is asking to be allowed to protect private property. Last night they smashed 75 storefronts on Barcelona’s Paseig de la Gracia (like 5th Ave Manhattan)…
    It’s disgusting SP. Take good care and all the best to you,

    1. I caught the anarchist thing the first go-round. I’m thinking all professed anarchist should be given Antartica and left to their own devices. Wouldn’t be long I figure before they anarch-ed each other out of existence. Enjoy your (late) evening. SP

  3. Get you totally! Too much space online that needs filling with news!! Great read. Always make me smile a wry smile about how mad this world is!!!

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