The Good the Bad and the Snarky – February 15, 2021

Truly a misanthrope.

Just watching some people, I dislike them before I meet them.  It is a flaw in my character.  However, pretty nearly all the time, observations underpinning my opinion are spot-on and my opinion does not change over time.  My tolerance level has nothing to do with it.  Eager to find I’ve erred, I again and again re-observe and reassess.  Fairly well a waste of time.  Given a nickel for every time I was wrong, I’d have to carefully ration cash for trips to the penny candy counter. 

I tell myself it’s because I have high standards. High expectations anyway.  Not in penny candy.  In people.

Yup, there are snarks1 out there ready to climb all over “penny candy” commenting there is no longer any such thing, hasn’t been for a long time.  Suspect most snarks hold off, their desire to crucify me and my opinion held in check by their “I’ll show that summasoanso!  I’ll not unload on him thereby setting him straight.  Shame – that would be to the delight of all looking-on and grand for my ego.  That however, would let it be known I read the jerk’s post.  Can’t have that.”

If your foremost thought right now is that there really isn’t any such thing as penny candy, you’re missing the point.  Not suggesting you are a snark.2 It’s that calling figs figs3 I often do so in riddle or obscurity.  Makes it so very much easier to declare you’ve misunderstood when you take offense, that that’s not exactly what I meant.  In that respect, I’m a Democrat.  How am I doing?

Other people?  Others, a few4 I cannot dislike.  For them I experience something I only identify as contempt.  Disgust pushed over the edge.  Not that they are inherently evil. They are pretentious. Snarky.  Self-centered beyond narcissism.  They would have to solve issues of racial tension, economic inequality, political corruption, and lack of a good five-cent cigar to elevate my opinion of them to dislike.

Most folk (whew!) are okay.5  Weird, but okay.

Which means I’m not as much a misanthrope as I would like to think.  Not nearly as much as others tell me I am.  Damn!  Another failure.

It’s twenty-five degrees out. Fahrenheit. Almost minus four to Celsius folks.  Nice afternoon to sit down to a hot bowl of beef and barley soup.6

If I’ve offended today, I’m sorry.7  Then if I were posting one of my fictional efforts, unless waxing Aesopian, I’d not be so introspective or judgmental.  Gave up on creative efforts.  We all know I stink as a poet and for you who’ve never tried to write poetry, you must understand poetry is *(&^*(&^ hard work!8  Lacking the intelligence to be a commentator or reviewer, I’m left with fiction.  That too is hard work, as fiction is weaving lies together and (because there are snarks out there) though your audience knows it’s fiction, it has to be believable.9

Nobody reads my fiction anyway.  Tempted to post a piece consisting of a blank page.  “Minimalist Fiction.”  Probably win a pulletzer prize. Or be hung in the MOMA with a fresh version of “Banana on the Wall for Size.”

— Notes —

1 (The Snarky) Snark. With an ‘N.’ Not to offend sharks.  Snarks are (most usually) smug individuals who cannot resist an opportunity to belittle those holding opinions or beliefs different from themselves.  Expert in condescension.  Mercy sakes!  Do believe I am something of a snark myself!

2 I am reminded of a “Once Upon a Time” from long ago.  Not one of my “Once Upon a Time” pieces, one called “The Foo Bird.” Too much explanation required there, especially for non-readers.  Nope.

3 Pity how much we have deteriorated societally, intellectually. See this ancient explanation which should foster regret in the mind of every intellectual.  Yeah, and aspiring intellectuals.

4 The bad.  Contemptible people are not that numerous. It’s only that they are so *&^(*& visible.  No amount of being proven wrong revokes membership cards.

5 The good.

6 Apologies to vegans.  Take comfort in the fact my beef barley is made with real genuine artificial beef flavorings.7

7Not really.

8 Poemetry is hard work done correctly.  There are a few good poets right here in River City (WordPress) and [uproarious laughter] many wannabees what never gonnabees.

9 Except scientist fiction. Which is even more harder. Which must be unbelievable yet harken back to what is believable. 

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Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

12 thoughts on “The Good the Bad and the Snarky – February 15, 2021

  1. In an English exam, I was convinced that the marker didn’t read the papers. In the middle of my essay I wrote the full lyrics for Hey Jude, just to pad it out and make it seem longer. I was wrong about that marker. A red line and the words WHAT’S ALL THIS! scrawled across the essay. Oh well!

  2. I once thought of a painting as being a blank piece of paper and calling it “No Inspiration”…
    Reference what you were saying about not liking people simply by looking at them, I can understand and I can also tell you that it is profiling and profiling saved my arse many times in my life as a cop. Instincts never fail. Impressions are rarely wrong (they may be but rarely) and gut feelings are indications or warnings and should be listened to. Those snarky people you mentioned, you can spot them a mile away…Good post as usual SP. All the best to you,

    1. Allus good to see FBC (or as he’s known to those of us with dyslexic keyboards, FCB) show up on the pullback. Yeah, you’re on it with the “gut feel.” With the blank canvass you were before your time. Re previous comment, good to see you’re progressing with the commission. Snowed-in and my minds is today a whitepage. Maybe a sammich will gimme focus. Do well. Make yourself smile! SP

  3. I’m going to go out on a limb here and try an honest, serious critique, in the hope it’s well-received. “You” aka your character here, is correct, you’re not such a misanthrope and it doesn’t surprise me if the peanut gallery is confusing you with the real thing, b/c they confuse a misanthrope with a Hitler, by design from the social engineers.

    A true misanthrope is not simply a toxic personality projecting his shadow self onto others. This is an intelligent and very conscious life choice based on assessing reality and realizing the masses are, pardon my French, flocked. He doesn’t ‘hate’ others or himself, that would be the classic nihilist, reacting out of frustration, resignation, apathy, misplaced aggression and violence. The misanthrope is a hero of mankind, like the grumpy Grandpa who really wants the best for you, but knows you’ll flock it up for sure anyway, so he backs off and mutters under his breath. The misanthrope is the existentialist. I thought of a scenario to try to depict this in a very simple way:

    A tyrant, a saint and a misanthrope are sitting at the bar. “Man is a vile creature!” They all agree. The saint says: “I’m so good that I pray for man’s forgiveness and bless him on his death bed!”
    The tyrant says: “I’m so good I dress in sheep’s clothing and lead him to the slaughter, for his own good and the good of the whole!”
    The misanthrope says: “I’m so bad I buy him a beer and tell him the first thing he must do is to stop believing in you two flockers!”

  4. Your interpretation is understood and appreciated. Don’t believe it’s been my aim to convince anyone including myself that being a misanthrope is inherently “bad.” Others believe otherwise – misanthropy is an evil disease. To categorize quickly I would suggest a misanthrope a pragmatist when it comes to people dealings. Being a misanthrope does make one after a while, angry. Me, anyway, because I am unable to convince others of the errors of some of what they value, some of their conduct, and because those values and that conduct adversely affect me.

    Your scenario accurately lays it out.

    Critique? One of the disappointments. Felt there were some professional writers in this particular universe I could align with and learn from. A la workshop. Nope. I am looking now for a new site completely divorced from internet socializing. And the rest of this comment I just struck.

    Thanks for taking time to honestly critique and to offer legit and reasonable opinion. Appreciated.

    1. Sir! Thanks for looking in on the crazy old man. Didprovided link was like arguing who is boss with a jackass. Ranging from flash to meaty shorts, reading that took, one supposes too much effort. Pulled all the pages in prep for closing down when domain expires unless I have a change of heart. Added your site to my list. Looks I might extend my reading delight for a few minutes every morning. Do well, sir.

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