Welding Class Was Cancelled – February 4, 2021

Fully refunded.  You are (or will be) as disappointed as I.

Did an undergrad study on the (suspected, probable, curious, mythical) fine line separating genius and insanity.  I cannot remember the hypothesis, study methodology, or metrics employed.  Don’t remember the outcome.  It’s a pee-poor1 judge of merit or value but I remember an ace. Because aside from a World History course, the first college course I took after my discharge,2 all my studies garnered aces.  I was sharp. (I remain humble.) Somewhere, along the way, something happened.  Gasoline fumes, maybe.  Or too many meds.  Or not enough meds. Or meds not started soon enough. Or meds of questionable psychotropic effect.

Well, we here in the US(of)A can finally relax.  We have a new brand of insanity positioned to lead us the next four years, give or take.3  See here, I did not say we now have insanity installed as leadership.  I said (feel free to go back and re-read it) ‘we have a new brand of insanity…’ implying, if you are inclined to believe, previous leadership had a few screws loose. Not gonna argue.

(My across the pond readers at this point are saying, “Lost hisself, dinnee?”)

Point is, doesn’t make any difference if we have a genius or a loony in any position of leadership. Without respect to the long-ago “research” findings, I remain convinced there is a point on the sanity continuum where loony-tunes and genius are virtually indistinguishable one from the other.

The real danger, as I see it, is that at some point we might elect a sane person of modest intelligence to public office.  There will be hell to pay!

I know I’m gonna take some heat here.  The wonderful world of WP reader feeds4 me a curious selection of suggested sites.  Some I investigate.  Once again, no metrics, though I’m tempted to take a shot at developing some.  There are an awful lot5 of ‘only-this’ sites.  An awful lot of female-exclusive blogs.6  The sisterhood is strong.  I’ll forgo the rant that festers.

This post was not intended. It just happened.  Not putting it up, I run the risk of not teeing-off someone. I can’t bear the thought of depriving someone their daily bile.

Remember, you heard it here first.  If you don’t think so, you are mistaken and should double-up on your memory meds.

The difference between Will Rogers and me is Mr. Rogers could call you a ******* idiot and make you laugh in appreciation.  Should I suggest your bolts need tightening or your Common Sense ran away with the spoon, you remind me I’m an insensitive and vulgar *******.  Well, Rogers was also good-looking and smart, but let’s not quibble.

Hey.  I’m seeing text where the word “association” has been edited to read “as*ociation.”  Really?  I’ll allow that fully expecting advertisements for terlit paper, condiments, and feminine products be judged unsuitable for public view.  Really?  Seen anything on Netflix lately?  Bubba, I’m as gutter as they come, and even I find some of what passes for, and is allowed as, entertainment today on Netflix and the like to be vulgar garbage.

— Notes –

1 Not what I’d normally say (or write) but there are so many prudes running around, I’d hate to challenge their sensitivities. You either get it and understand or you don’t, and I frankly don’t care.

2 After military. Made me a “mature student.”  Also part of the establishment, and the war (popular then, or popularly unpopular then) was my fault because I was former military.  The truth of that escapes me to this day, but I lend credence to the thought as that seems to have been what every other person not military thought at the time.  Anyway my “professor” was a slob beatnik twit who could not bear the fact that a student had a brain capable of imagining reasons for world events different from what he believed. Dork gave me a “B” for no other reason than that he could.  Which of course to me demonstrated all manner of higher education evils and put me on guard through the balance of my “education.”

3 New maroons “installed” show signs, unhappy with virtually everything, of being unhappy with themselves.  Suspect they are going to design and employ a new way of changing leadership without elections and without waiting for a rather arbitrary four years to elapse.   Which is something of a shame as already MSM is running out of fodder and may start attacking themselves, lacking someone or something to vilify.  Wouldn’t that be a treat?  No.  Wait.  No political news?  Pfft!  No matter, MSM can make up something, dress it in dire consequences, and have a field day.  Save Amurica!  God bless MSM!

4 Feeds me.  Odd.  Preponderantly cooking, recipe, edibles, food-of-favorite-country, cooking-with-Susan kinds of things. Lot of “My little doggie” and “I love my kitty cat” sites too.  None thankfully, that I’ve seen along the lines of “Tabby Bolognese” or “Calico and Broccoli.”

5 An ‘awful lot’ is a technical term for “a bunch.”  Many.  Realize that’s relative.  If you wear a size ten shoe, size ten is normal.  If you wear a size fourteen, size ten is odd, size fourteen normal.  A few or many.  It’s relative. For my purposes (following in main text) when it’s one-of-two or even one-of-ten that’s a lot – given (main text) that it’s the number of “exclusive” sites (gender, race, politics, LGBXYZ, or whatever) I’m seeing, it’s “many.”

6 Female oriented.  Focused, intentionally or not, on females.  Several featuring notable of the week/month/year/century/all time. Okay.  Let’s see. Scroll, scroll, scroll.  All females.  Hmm.  Not declared exclusively female, just is.  Acceptable. It’s the number of these sites (writers, artists, humanitarians, what-have-you) in fact exclusively female that raises my curiosity.  Venture to put a site up that exclusively showcased males, you’d be in deep dog-doo. I used to feel myself a minority.  Through the magic of blogs, it is pointed out to me the proper terminology is “marginalized.”  Were I indeed a (real or perceived) minority, it would be permissible, even expected I be indignant over this prejudice, this persecution.  Stigmatized only as “marginalized,” I am allowed no redress. 

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13 thoughts on “Welding Class Was Cancelled – February 4, 2021

  1. Will Rogers being before my time, I can appreciate a good spanking from George Carlin. I can also attempt to garner a guess as to why insensitive, vulgar, good looking or smart has nothing to do with your perceived dilemma. Rather it is the fact they don’t care how the riffraff perceive them, or successfully pretend as such, whereas you like to sensor and trip over yourself in an effort to appease or please, or successful pretend as such.

  2. To me some of my favourite geniuses are the comics, like Groucho Marx, The Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy and my favourite of them all Jerry Lewis. I can add to that George Carlin and others but I see genius being manifested in being able to laugh at yourself and at the world around you, at others and at everything imaginable under the sun. And I agree, I came back from the military more mature, more precise and more able to assimilate learning than before. This is a nice entry SP, one that I’ve…as well as your other readers…have enjoyed. Take good care and all the best, and greetings from the other side of the pond,

    1. What a marvy comment. Many times, I’ve considered establishing a cast of folk to resurrect old style comedy. Yutes would not understand or patronize. Sad. (Yutes: Rhode Islander way of pronouncing “youth.” Always found that oddly funny.) Thanks for tossing words my way. Do well today.

  3. It seems to me in a lot of work places that it’s the looney tunes who somehow always end up getting into positions of leadership, while the modest, hard working types get passed over. I’ve had a couple of bosses before who I’m pretty sure where certifiable. Since it’s nearly impossible to fire people nowadays, apparently the easiest way to get rid of a problem is to promote the problem and let somebody else deal with it.

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