Confusions – January 10, 2021

Laying aside stressful concerns

Puttering away at mindless but relaxing chores outside in brisk wintery weather is good for me.

Mindless chores do take the tiniest bit of attention.  Big issue thoughts are constantly interrupted to pay attention to what I’m doing.  Big issues get lost.

The past election.  Stressful.  There’s not much hope for significant change for the better.  Not until overriding problems of idiocy and complacency of the general population are remedied.  Until that happens the best we can hope for is that things do not get worse. Set aside.

Corruption in government.  If there is no truth in accusations, embrace investigation and be done with it instead of hiding behind constant denial. Calling someone else a liar doesn’t guarantee you are not yourself a liar, either.  Remove the need for denial.  Show your accusers as the idiots you declare them to be.  Set aside.

American businesses’ willingness to give executives outlandish salaries, bonuses, and perks, then putting-up with immoral and unethical methods and results without imposing penalties.  What’s that all about?  How’d that happen?  The man sells horsemeat burgers: go down the street to another vendor.  Unless you like horsemeat. Set aside.

Racial and gender prejudice and entitlement lunacy.  Set aside.

Lawlessness.  Set aside.

You hit me, that’s okay.  I hit you, that’s assault.  Huh? Set aside.

Cancer.  Diabetes.  Athlete’s foot.  Set aside.

Set aside.  Not forgotten.  Just set aside to focus on raking leaves, trimming brush, straightening garage workspace.

Focus on new “important” things

Puttering away at mindless but relaxing chores outside in brisk wintery weather is bad for me.

My mind freewheels on insane wonderings.  Finding nothing amusing in an old guy way, it examines simple things until it discovers they are in fact not simple.

Why is it I can travel west from Kansas City, Mississippi and assuming superpowers allowing me to cross mountains, oceans, and countries hostile to outsiders, travel west forever?  Yet travelling north from Chicago, Arkansas, once reaching the North Pole (magnetic or otherwise) any direction I head is “south”?  Up for review.

If it is summer here and winter in the southern hemisphere, why aren’t their month names six months out from northern hemisphere months?  Snow in July?  Or is it the northern hemisphere is wrong?  Is there a wrong?  Up for review.

Why hasn’t congress (I refuse to give it a capital “c”) awarded millions of dollars to fund scientific research to settle the over-the-top/from-behind toilet-paper mounting dispute?  Democrats, now with an ironclad grip on legislative power will quickly run out of important issues to legislate.  Seems a moral obligation.  Better get with it. Don’t, congress will legislate taxes on air. They can’t address air quality, but they sure as shooting can tax tax you for using it, which regulates the amount of air you can economically use. See where California, that national trendsetter, has already done that. Way to go, lefties. Set aside.

What the hell is wrong with old people?  How can they bemoan the manner of dress of youth when they themselves consider dirty, ill-fitting sweatpants, dirty torn tees, and house slippers appropriate Wal-Mart attire?  Set aside.

Whyizit chicken wings and ribeye steak that used to be cheap food, now cost, pardon the near pun, an arm and a leg?  Can’t blame it all on the yuppies.  Oh, in large part maybe.  Like why tennis shoes cost over a hundred dollars because they aren’t tennis shoes anymore, but cross-trainers, running shoes, and deck shoes.  Set aside.

How come, Momma, you insist your child be encouraged to question what gender s/he wants to be, but declare Tom Sawyer unsuitable for little eyes and minds?  Set aside.


Set aside.  You see what I saw?  Went from inane to suddenly serious again.  Gonna go inside and get a cup of coffee.  Warm my nose.  Call Jim Bob down to the mental health center.  See can’t he run me up on the rack and see where my mental governor is broke.

Well, coffee sounds good.  Let’s start there.

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Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

14 thoughts on “Confusions – January 10, 2021

  1. Incredibly genius! Brilliant SP! I like the way your head works! Wish I could think of things like that or even imagine them. Idle chores just leave me wanting to discover how far I can take the profundity of the colour yellow. All the best my friend,

    1. Sir! You don’t believe deep thoughts on “yellow” are “deep”? I can imagine only one yellow, that would be, well, um, yellow. You, incidentally are the first person to suggest my head works. Most suggest more pills or more therapy. (Pulling your chain.) Thanks for stopping by. SP

      1. Ooh, Francisco, we need to get you some more friends! Seriously hope you in Spain are faring well with your unusual weather.

      2. Unusual but not so much, it is winter and although Valencia is Mediterranean it is definitely not the tropics so it does get cold here but we just suffered the wrath of Filomena a big snow storm, which many children of all ages thought was fun and proceeded to have snowball fights in the streets of the capital, the capital of the Kingdom, that is to say, Madrid. Here we’re back to sunny, well partly sunny days…take good care and all the best SP!

    1. Thankee, Sir Bump for chatting and allowing as my sit-back-and-watch attitude might have advantages. Appreciate the time you afford me and your Senior Elite WordPresser guidance.

  2. We concur, or at least we would if Dauphy new what concur meant. An excellent ramble, once again. Your garage and yard should be spotless by now. Keep up the good work!

    1. Um, Hobbo, be careful. Dauphy may be playing with you. That “not understanding” he bandies about may be an act. On the yardwork, you know as well as I that is a never-ending chore. But it gets us out of the cottage and away from critical eyes. Take care today, sir.

      1. Mmm, not thought of that. “DAUPHY!……….”

        Mrs Hobbo, reading over my shoulder, as she tends to do, wanted to know who might have critical eyes?
        I, of course, declined to offer any opinion on the matter!

    1. My editors quite often remove the best of my posts. I’m unsure if they are stodgy old bastids, lack a sense of humor, don’t unjderstand, or are sage individuals. Any bets? Thanks for taking a look.

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