Rantless Ramble – January 6, 2021

Twelfth Night

We’ve been blessed or cursed1 by unseasonably mild weather this last week.  Christmas Eve, it snowed.  Not Michigan, Dakota, or Buffalo snow, but a decent snow worthy of Currier and Ives.  Since then, we’ve enjoyed a few overnight lows down as far as twenty,2 a few days with mid-thirty high temperatures, and many days in the high sixties and even broadsiding seventy.2  Not usual at all.

Not immune to a spot of brisk but nice weather, I played hooky from the keyboard today, for the second day running, knowing I had a Wednesday post due and an (intentionally) empty “Blog subjects” folder. Rationalizing, while I’m clearing and composting pineapple sage plants, etcetera, etcetera, a brilliant idea will come to me.  Unh, yeah.  But, unh, nope.

Too, with my doctor’s blessing, and steroid therapy at last completed I’ve been slowly building-up to my full workout routine. Save I’m not running quite the full torture, today was the first day I left nothing out.  Not a workout rube, I am nonetheless forced to admit I have muscles hurting in places I forgot I had muscles.

A full workout and an afternoon doing fall(ish) garden chores have me ready to take a hot shower and tuck it in for the evening. 

So there will be no blog for January 6, 2021.  I apologize.

Serious question on questions

Several survey sites solicit my input on occasion.  Admit it, you feel sorry for them, don’t you?  Some of the surveys are horribly written.  That aside, one question still amazes me.  This question, with minor variations, appears in well-composed and poorly composed surveys alike.  Has to do with the old taboo, race determination. Or ethnicity, or whatever is the currently acceptable description. Regardless of how you answer the general ethnic question, surveys invariably ask in the next question (on a new page) if you are of Latino descent.

Curious, I tried other than “Caucasian” for my lead-up reply and was still directed to the follow-up. Okay, fine, but the follow-on question further asks if you are Latino to declare your country of origin.  If I were Latino, and say for example, a second generation or more American citizen, I would be a bit offended.  Why is this important?

Ignorance wants me to presume someone in Big Brother’s wheelhouse is watching, collecting all the survey answers.  Looking, one suspects, to determine by country how many Latinos consider each the soil of their ethnic roots.  Is that to reimburse these countries for the citizens they lost?  Or is it to send these countries invoices for making room for their expatriates?  Either way, the line of questioning is offensive.  And I’m not Latino.

If my ethnic roots are Purplish, why do surveys not ask me what country my Purplish forefathers called home?  Pinks and Greens should be righteously disturbed too.  For a country looking to eradicate racism and ethnocentricism, seems our efforts only exacerbate the problem.

If you will excuse me, I’m off to find my analgesic balm.

1 Blessed that there’s time to finish-up outside chores left incomplete when winter rains started. Cursed in that without some good cold to reduce insect populations we’re going to have a buggy spring. Further, that spring may be late because, you know, there is an allotment of cold and snow coming – it happens every year; we either take it when it makes sense, or we let it surprise us come spring after we’ve transplanted seedlings or bedded cool tolerant seeds.  Snow looks good on a pine seedling.  Not so much on a tomato transplant.

2 Twenty Fahrenheit is almost minus seven Celsius.  Seventy F is twenty-one and loose change C.

3 This note refers to and explains or expands upon nothing.

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12 thoughts on “Rantless Ramble – January 6, 2021

  1. Yes, felt that way many times…maybe if I take a walk to the river I’ll get some brilliant ideas, an epiphany perhaps? No…
    I was always asked if I was “Latino” (whatever that means) because I spoke Spanish. I never replied because “Latino” is an incorrect classification as there is no such people. Those Americans from Central or South America have a country of origin, not a designation and it is offensive and unnecessary. When will the US learn that “ethnicity” is not essential or needed for the proper functioning of the country. Here in Europe we don’t ask people what their race or natural origin is. We assume…unless were confronted with an ET…the person is of the Hunan Race and their natural origin is Earth. Great post SP!
    All the best and enjoy the mild weather, we’ve been greeted today with a powerful winter storm called “Filomena” and it’s bloody cold here mate.

    1. Thank you for expressing your thoughts, Francisco. Yes, I agree, “America” (a stolen or at least mis-used and rather presumptuous moniker) has a surplus of many things, topping the list is lunacy in many forms and degrees. As a Purplish myself, for the longest time, I was offended I did not receive special treatment simply because I was Purplish. Trying to grow up, I see the error of my thinking and when I have energy, try to explain to others around me, many of whom are also Purplish, a few Greens, and tonnes of Pinks. It is a struggle. Bundle-up, Señor. At least keep your fingers and paint brushes warm. Hmm. not too early for a spiked mulled drink there, eh?

      1. Well, I’ve already walked my 7k around town, today is a big holiday, and stopped at my favourite pub for a pint and now getting ready for lunch, the wife is cooking and she is really good at it, so I am ready…Purplish?
        All the best my friend,

      2. Tongue-in-cheek. All the Whoop-ti-doo over ‘I’m Green and Gay and Left-handed’ being the rage, I want not to offend (hearty chuckle) anyone who feels referring to them by their (apparent and undeniable) skin color is offensive. All of it puts me off. I mean, I am a bigot if I notice you have three ears and refer clients to you by saying, “he’s the Purplish dude with three ears”? Yes, I’m Purplish; though we’ve tried we cannot determine what part of eastern Europe our Purplish forebearers hailed from. Or if anyone of the family found out, they feel it necessary to keep it secret.

      3. Well said my Purple friend! I’m Spanish 50%, Iberian; 25% Italian, Piemonte, and 25% Northern European, (probably Viking as King Pelayo, or Pelagus, the first king of Asturias, where I hail from originally, was a Viking)… stay safe my friend. The government of the US needs to learn that if we’ve 2 ears we’re people and those with three, well, they are too… all the best,

      4. A lovely day here in Valencia. I tell you there is nothing like living on the Mediterranean as the weather is always sunny, cold, but sunny. Yes today all the good children of Spain got their gifts from the Three Kings and everybody enjoyed a wonderful day outside, taking advantage of the sunshine. Yes, time for a little cheers now. All the best my friend!

  2. 😂😂 Chuckleometer sprung to life again. A great post.
    When lockdown is finished, and I am permitted to shop for life’s great ‘must have’s’ again, will I find Buffalo snow next to the Buffalo cheese, or do I need to visit the frozen food section? Only asking!

    1. Buffalo snow, AKA Buff Snow is available only in NY State. Harvested before the morning dog walkers are out with Dauphys and Clutches, not entirely sure why that is. However, when Buffolites have a good crop, as happens often except oddly in the summer months, it is marvelously inexpensive, shopkeeps nearly begging folks to avail themselves a pound our two. If you are a Cheeser, I have a bud in Wisconsin who ships northern varietals worldwide. I can put you in touch. Pls Advise.

      1. Thanks for the educational info about Buff.snow……….
        A cheeser!
        A cheeser!
        If I could only choose one food to sustain me through life, that would be it. I love the stuff. Cooked or cold. Bring it on!

      2. Welcome. Like cheese myself but not with a cultured palate (a pun?). Don’t care for Bleu or national varieties of blue, or Limburger, or goat cheeses. Have a great one, PM.

      3. 😂 Oh I’ll eat anything remotely connected to cheese. The smellier the better! There is one in France called les chaussees des moines (the monk’s slippers). Man it smells, but the taste is really mild. Good to hear from you my friend.

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