Bait and Switch – December 21, 2020

Mildly NSFW, language.

An apology follows in a few seconds.  Of course, that depends on how fast you read.

Today’s rambling is not about dogs. Not about a dog.  Clutch and Espie don’t chat over some socioscape that defies human and even Clutch’s understanding.  Today’s ramble isn’t an anecdote relating neighborhood ne’er1 scooping2 doggie walkers or a bit of fiction about the misadventures of a neighbor’s woefully misguided fancy that he’s expert in all things canine.3

The classic Bait and Switch.

The picture4 above made you expect something “doggie,” and therefore unavoidably cute despite accompanying narrative.  Nope.  Something melancholy, conjuring-up memories of Ol’ Blue or Snuffy who years ago accompanied you through youthful daily adventures in western Utah?  Nope.  Tales of Rin Tin Fluffy saving the family from sudden inundation caused by glomal warning?  Nope.

The goal was that you’d come into my house to read this post.  Ha!  Here you are.

If you’re upset, please accept my apology.  Important research continues.

Discoveries and directions

Have you noticed there are some simply delightful blogs here?  I mean on WordPress. Written by top-flight poets, essayists, cucina gurus, and critical reviewers.  When those I follow make me laugh, make me think, or on occasion make me do that inane “Aw, that’s so precious” thing I find troublingly (pardon me) trite, I like to let them know they’ve done a tremendous thing.  If I can manage, to explain why I feel that way. 

Writers like to hear from readers.5 Feedback is a tool for improvement.  When commenting, I do my best to be engaging.  Sometimes, a dialogue ensues.  Good stuff.

Oh, sure, I’ll ‘like’ a post sometimes without comment.  When I comment, though, you can bet your bippy,6 the author has entertained me.  What surprises me is that in many cases I receive more likes on my comments to other writers’ posts than I do on my own posts.  Now there’s a revelation. 

Comments and to a lesser degree, likes, are a give-take thing.  You don’t understand the depth of that, I’m not going to explain. It’s clearly either not something you need be concerned with – or understanding, you wouldn’t give a flying rat’s ass anyway.

Next time

Might just try the classic “upsell.”  Which is not technically “bait-and-switch.”   The helpful sales rep will gladly ring-up the advertised product.  But my!  Wouldn’t it make sense to glom7 onto the deluxe model?  Especially since today, and today only, it’s at no premium over the basic model?  Well, of course, you are required to agree to a slightly more costly warranty plan.

— Notes

1 Ne’er ?? A contraction for never?  Howizzat?  Ne’er is, from where I’m standing, the same size as never.  Oh, I see, it’s a poemist’s word for “ain’t gonna happen” using one syllable instead of two.  In which case, ne’er is a contraction. [Mental note: quiz well-known Poemetic WordPresser on proper use.]

2 …ne’er scooping doggie walkers.  Refers to “see no evil” practitioners who without fail manage to watch Skylab’s overflight precisely when Gonzo drops a little present on manicured green belonging to someone other than ‘master.’  Tree/forest thing, one supposes.

3 See “Whiskers” in “Conversations.”  Not gonna give you a link.  Wouldn’t dream of insulting you so.

4 Stella hails from Georgia, just off the banks of the Ocmulgee River.  Understandably, she’s an Allman Brothers aficionado.

5 It’s possible that’s not true, but I don’t believe I’m so much different from professionals that I’ve missed the mark.

6 Bippy.  From Rowan and Martin’s “Laugh In” of the late 60’s to early 70’s.  It’s a euphemism for posterior, sitter, sitdown, fanny, or butt, but (no pun) generally accepted not meaning any polite reference, suggesting a coarser word like “ass.”  Real life, folks.

7 Glom: Seize. Capture.  Grab.  Used here suggesting someone greedily wrapping their grubby little mitts around more than what they paid for.

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22 thoughts on “Bait and Switch – December 21, 2020

    1. Perhaps. But it is most of the time for me a grand feeling to realize I am thinking and allowing that I will make mistakes. I think, hope, it’s worth the effort. Thanks for your feedback, as always, coveted.

  1. Masterful! I am certainly entertained enormously when I read your ramblings which I find now, with the “glossary” easier to understand. And you’re right, writers provide words and readers should reply, if they are so moved to do, then a dialogue ensues which can lead to further inquiry and discovery and more so to extend the love of words, music, art and poetry. The more we can extend the dialogue the better. Great post SP! All the best and Happy Monday! 😊

    1. Ah, Francisco, this means a great deal to me. That I can return the favor. I will try to be more mindful that there are folks in other cultures who stumble across my ramblings. What will be most difficult though, will be staying mindful not to cross the line beyond social propriety. Thank you for your time. Catch you later.

  2. Wonderful post. You knew dang well that the bait and switch would work on me, although it ain’t really necessary because I always read your posts anyway. What you can’t have known though, is how the photo uncannily resembles a dog of ours called Bella! She was Dauphy’s best friend before she sadly passed away three years ago. So, thanks for the post and for the tear jerking reminder of Bella!

    1. Thought I responded. I’ll give it another go. Sorry for your loss. Do realize how losing an animal companion, a sage confidant, can be. Do realize you are a consistent reader. You must realize from your posts and comments what I learn from you. Do appreciate your stopping by and teaching. (Laughs and moments of reflection are grand, too!)

      1. Thanks for your comments. There’s a bit of a glitch on WP. Sometimes I send a response to you, but your comment comes up again as though I haven’t responded to it, It’s annoying, because then I’m not sure if you’ve got my response! I think we learn from each other!

      2. WP is driving me nuts. This is my second response to you as the first disappeared! Anyway, thanks for your comments and I think we learn from each other.

      3. I see both comments in this thread. I’d compile a list of minor complaints but that time would detract form interacting with other WPers – with/without glitches. We’ll struggle-on. Long as I can see my favorite blogs, I’ll put up with some static. Do good, Sir Hobbo!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I know in your case, it wasn’t a matter of you’re being drawn in by the doggie. In my case, it ain’t never gonna be ‘too smart’ in any way.

    1. Aha! That’s how you do it! You are twins! I didn’t figure any one person could be so prolific. Good to know from you and Francisco , another of my valued tutors, that these “footnotes” are working. Getting wrapped-up in an anecdote, I forget there is an international audience out there who might need the more arcane expressions and made-up words and phrases clarified. A simple translator won’t work in all cases, as I play fast and foolish with words. Don’t want to cause an international incident. Too, writing parenthetically often makes the main text even more difficult to understand, so a note makes sense. I am working on becoming a better writer. Honest. Taking lessons. Dread next week’s upcoming final” “Punctuation.”

  3. I began to think you had branched out into a marketing blog. As ever a good read, it’s never a bad thing to use a good picture to drag in a new reader who would have missed out on your wit.

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