Back to Work – December 10, 2020

Not enough agitation in your life?

Off the spwilcenwrites homepage, in Conversations, “Surrogate Episode V” joins the parade.  Though each ‘episode’ fairly-well stands by itself once you’ve the gist of the underlying thread, I’ve resolved to go back, re-edit and post Episode I, then move forward with remaining episodes in order.  I mean not that anyone gives a righteous rip. Yes, the whole of “Surrogate” is NSFW, some episodes more than others, so you’re aware.


December, almost mid-December, and I see out my office window a bluebird?  Handsome dickens. Bold crisp blue. But in December?  Seeing a lot of unusual flapping dinosaurs this morning.  Must be something I’ve just not noticed before, this many transients this time of year.  Uncharacteristically bold Red House Finches.  Chickadees dressed to the nines in sharp black and white formal wear.  Purple Finches, though ‘purple’ is something of a guffaw. Blue jays, the scourge of everyman’s feeder. Goldfinches, the ruinous little twits.  Twits?  United Nations Sparrows.  Pompous Tufted Titmouse.  Several.  Titmice?  [Aw, geeze, man, now do I have to signal this post NSFW?] 

Almost makes me think of a run to Wacky Wally’s to buy seed to stock the feeder.  Nah.  That’s asking for squirrel trouble.  Reminds me.  Time to re-edit “Cardinal” and submit it somewhere again. But not here.  Runs 8,000 words.  That would disturb most who pass by and encourage them to do just that – pass by. 

[Back to work, man, back to work.]

In a minute…

Anger management

Apoplectic bull charged. Delicious hamburger. 

A shadow of her former self

Jumbo jilted.  Diligently dieted.  Presently petite.

That office window

A source of amusement and consternation.  Genesis of one or two blog posts, several short stories, multiple anecdotal pieces, and a few rants.  Problem is, I generally have it in mind what I want to accomplish each day.  Then, days like today it’s so bright outside, older retired folks, doggie-walkers, one-thousand-steppers, and work-from-homers in the ‘hood pass by my window in a steady stream all day long.  That’s distracting in an oddly pleasant way.  Keeps me busy taking notes.  Shouldn’t.  Should be working my notorious “to-do” list and tackling some of several works in progress.

[Dadgummit man, get back to work!]

Okay, okay.

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Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

3 thoughts on “Back to Work – December 10, 2020

  1. SP I know that this must be a great post but being away now from the US for 8 years (have I been retired for that long?) my English must have suffered and I really didn’t understand but there is poetry in your words and in any event they sound smashingly good! All the best my friend!
    Greetings from Mediterranean Spain 🇪🇸

    1. I write who I am. More or less. In the post I was commenting on the birds outside my office, the assorted people about their daily business too. “Wacky Wally” is a slur on Walmart the discount super retailer. If it’s “Surrogate,” tht’s a conversation bewteeen an irreligious man and God – Hence one reason for NSFW. ‘Anger’ and ‘Shadow’ are ultra flash fiction, attempts to ‘sketch’ a whole story to the reader with 5 and 6 words only, leaving the bulk of the story to the readers imagination and experience. Your understand has not ‘suffered.’ I am undoubtedly cryptic. Thanks for chatting. Do well.

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