December Already – November 30, 2020

A bit of flash

I love this time of year.  Weather constantly reminding nature is preparing to lie down for a nap.  Christmas carols.  Fruitcake.  Waiting on the first snow.  Friends and family. Christmas shopping.

I hate this time of year. Crass commercialism.  Crowded schedules.  Relentless requests for donations.  #&$&*@& snow.  Friends and family. Christmas shopping.

Every December is a piece of flash fiction (100 words) composed recently from these very thoughts.  Those of you out there who keep looking to “figure me out” or must know all about me can slow down.  I’ll tell you the whole of this little piece is fiction. Then, friends, on the other hand, all fiction is drawn from experience.  Where does that leave you? Hmm?  

Easy pieces

Clearing-out, catching-up, and organizing continues.

Favorite Insults
Three have been moved to “Short Stories” under “Writing” to simplify browsing by casual readers looking for short stories something of a cross between “vignette” and “conversation” format.  Light, complete works not much larger than a four-frame cartoon, these are diversionary.  Not fluff.  Diversionary with undertones of social commentary if you’ve a mind to look.

“Nos. 12 & 13 – Conroy” recounts the laid-back handling of an encounter between an angry German Shepherd and a world of insufferable idiots.

“No 7 – Kid” is a piece reported by a sixteen going-on seventeen-year-old gas pump jockey.  A couple of characters worthy of further exploit pop up, mentioned no louder than whispers, Wardlow the station mechanic, and station owners the Bowen sisters may appear elsewhere later.

“No. 15 – Widow Nelson” (NSFW) told by the personal assistant to Mayor Florence Nelson of Mindenburg, Oklahoma, gently creates portraits of sundry town characters before one, Widow Nelson, bends the meaning of “subtle.”      

A rant of proper acid
On the heels of “Customer service” a venomous rant disparages at least five different dork groups.  Persona non grata finds me back in an environment I really don’t like, so surviving, a rant is unavoidable.  This one goes back three or four months to the beginning of the Great COVID Miseries.  Those times we fondly remember when toilet paper was a commodity to be hoarded, PPE was a love-it/hate-it novelty, social distancing was just beginning to become a form of entertainment, and we all got the opportunity to work from home.  Except, of course, those in essential industries like healthcare, emergency services, and liquor stores.


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