Insouciance – November 21, 2020

Pretty nifty word, eh?  Ah, but except, it’s not. It means indifference or IDGAS.  Probably 80% of Americans suffer this disease.   Symptoms include an inordinate need for pretty pictures and sound bites to capture and maintain attention, lacking either, a general malaise. 

Look for example, at “80%.”  Americans will read that.  It’s quick and easy. Numbers. Almost pictures.  In contrast, “eighty percent” leaves 80% of Americans cold, half of those asking, “What the hell do those words mean?”  Americans can’t read, really.  Or don’t want to read. Worse, Americans can’t think.  Don’t want to think.  There you go, insouciance. 

Let me point that out most Americans don’t know enough to realize they’ve been insulted.  If they do, they don’t care.  More insouciance.  Looks French.  Must be a good thing, huh, Jimmy?

Excuse me.  The state Misanthrope Union chapter just called a meeting.  Missing the kinship, I want to attend. Must be something important.  This will be the first meeting this year.  Has nothing to do with COVID.  MU doesn’t call meetings often because they frankly can’t stand being around each other.  I don’t have any idea what it’s all about.  I lied about missing the kinship. If I’m not there I might get railroaded into serving another term as Seigneur.

FF:10+; WC:211

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