Clutch Chronicles IV – November 19, 2020

I’ve only draft Clutch and Espie vignettes left in odd states of completion.  They likely won’t be finished and posted for a number of reasons.

When I began them, social unrest was at a frightening peak, both for the intensity of rioters’/protestors’ criminal activity and for the criminal activity (or inactivity) of certain elected executive branch officeholders and the deplorable restraints they placed on non-elected law-enforcement officers.  Bringing these incidents to notice, even in a conciliatory tone would have been to incite more polarization.  People take sides.  That’s fine, expected, a duty.  To do so outside the parameters of existing laws, however, is wrong.  That, friends, is inarguable.

Even discounting incendiary possibility, people were tired of hearing of it.  I frankly was a little weary of trying to couch sanity in humor, parable, and fiction.

The old site and I were coming to a point of separation.  The site was, and doubtless still is, a hanged-good site.  Just not for me.  I wanted, needed, and still do want and need a site to encourage and educate me in the writers’ craft.  Not so much enamored with the ‘social’ aspect.

Clutch by name, and Espie by inference made two cameo appearances. The first was inspired by a challenge issued by someone on the old site.  Challenges there were done a little differently from the way they are by WordPress Webbies. Not recalling exactly the wording of the challenge, the idea was to relate how a person’s five senses are stimulated when falling in love.  Too late to fairly enter the challenge, I thought the challenge still warranted, inspired an effort. As I often did, as many writers often do, I took the challenge another way.  “Sometimes, Some Things” was my effort.

Priorities” was the other cameo, a conversational vignette (a favorite format for me), just a shade over standard flash fiction.  Nonetheless, near-flash, it leads the reader to discover a story line, quickly taking them to a twisted finish.

Will any of the ‘Clutch’ drafts see light of day?  Can’t honestly say.  The political/social ones, probably not.  If I can divorce circumstance from social commentary, flesh-out the humor, and have enough plot line to make a complete vignette, maybe.

Clutch was one of those character an author loves.  Very quickly after being given a name and a situation, these heroes (and sometimes villains) draw breath, achieve depth independent of the author who watched their birth, and write their own stories.

Hang in there, Clutch, I may come across a situation where I put you back to work.  I dunno the audience, but I miss you.

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