Clutch Chronicles III – November 18, 2020

Following-up on “Sinbad and Fester,” “Molehills and Mountains” recounts another conversation between Espie and Clutch.  Again, Clutch hints at the lunacy of humans’ way of going about business. 

A reminder, this was the time of great social and civil unrest in the US.  The same Clutch and Espie had chatted about before.

Looking critically, you might see that Clutch, for all his innocent wisdom, isn’t infallible, though I for one have to agree with him on this go that sometimes you see something going on that’s’ wrong, you are compelled to put a stop to it.  We, you and I, however we align with Clutch’s viewpoint, might be reminded with Clutch, there would be another side to the “conflict” he sought to resolve. 

No assessment right or wrong, or of degree, just another side, Clutch.

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    1. Good morning/afternoon. Good that this brought a little humor. Good, too, to know you are one who can handle humor and thinking. Thank you for taking time and for letting me know. Now, please excuse me, I must go see what wisdom and clever Hobbo has this lovely morning (here) to go with my coffee. Must hurry, I see NN with the little med cups…

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