Clutch Chronicles II – November 17, 2020

You recall the civil disturbances about June of this year.  Civil disturbances or riots.  Depends on where the fence comes up between you and your neighbor.  Less so if you’re one of those folks where the fence jumps right up out of the ground and splits your crotch. Gotta ask you how you manage that. Being oblivious, I mean.

Racial prejudice, police excess, (you have to see the irony of this) shopping brick-and-mortar retail establishments with brick charge cards, gender inequities, economic issues, gun rights, abortion, animal rights, LGBTetc, simple politics, immigration, crime, and the watermelon shortage – no one had to look long or hard to find something to twist their shorts.  Purple against chartreuse often felt so fervently polarized one or the other would celebrate differences with Molotov cocktails, baseball bats, and stupidity.

Violence as the new norm. 

Anyone stupid enough to get between left and right or up and down was just asking to be assumed by both sides as more cause of difficulty than mediator.  No one willing to listen, think, and go after the real issues underlying any trendy conflict.

Stupidity as new knowledge.  Common sense in short supply but that’s irrelevant as demand for common sense was non-existent.  Conflict for the sake of conflict. Almost sport.

Not my place here either.  Sanity and respect out the window. No matter which side got stupidest first and violent, the other then felt justified to try to out-stupid and out-violence.  Ultimate motivation sometimes questionable.  Justification moot. Solution impossible because no one cared to listen.  No one. Not those feeling offended.  Not those suspect of offending.

Clutch addressed this for Espie.  Humor?  Satire?  Parody?  Sinbad and Fester. Just to make you think. If you don’t see things a tiny bit differently after following the link, well, I guess you can always pick up a brick. Watch out, anyone can buy a brick. Or steal one or a trunk full.  Might not be anyone around to get between two insane brickers. Could be a concern for you if you’re inclined to bricking.

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