Clutch Chronicles – November 16, 2020


Not so long ago, in a Galaxy 500, no, wait, that’s a different story about a black 1964 two-door hardtop…

Early in 2020 I cut my teeth on another writers’ site but quickly burned out there for reasons not worth airing or appropriate here1. There, I did a throwaway piece which introduced a character I did not intend to develop.  Originally just a name, the character was well-received.  Because, I think, he was a dog. 

You know what casual reader-magnets dogs, kitty cats, and down-trodden anythings are.

I’m many things and stupid ranks high on the list but needing a name for a dog character for another piece, it seemed one was right there.  Besides being already accepted, though not yet to my readers, in the wrinkles of my brain he had a well-developed character.  Not because I wished it so, but because he had fairly-well taken over as my usually human(ish) characters do.  Not a bad thing, actually.

Clutch’s throwaway debut

Could Be

If even your dog doesn’t love you, you might be a bad person.

Dogs are better judges of people than people. If ‘Clutch’ comes lookin for you and it ain’t time for his dinner, something in your cold, empty heart has value. Clutch likes you. So should you.

© SP Wilcenski 2020

Originally posted in Prose 5/20/2020


See? It was a throwaway, meaningful but the kind of drivel you expect from someone who is almost out of ideas.  I wasn’t out of ideas, but the pieces I was working were not ready for publication.  One of the drawbacks to the old site was if you didn’t put something “new” up regularly, you got lost in an horrendous shuffle and when you did post, you’d lost currency.  Needs more explaining, but work with me here.

Clutch makes an extended appearance

“Could Be” was followed six days later by (mind you this next one contains a word which offends some which is really asinine2 – so be prepared) “Talking With Clutch” to setup the personalities of Clutch and his as yet unnamed owner, Espie. Explore the link.

Remember the times.  Crazy things were afoot.  Without climbing a soapbox, the author wished to get a point or two across.  Clutch and Espie were called upon.  We’ll get into that in subsequent posts.

1 If your morbid curiosity on the old site and why I left it must be satisfied, I’d be glad to oblige but not in a public forum.  Hopefully, one learns from his mistakes and it’s really swooft when you can learn from someone else’s mistakes, or from their experiences.  Suffice it to say I felt the site too ‘social’ and its tone too adolescent.  On my departure, a site proctor assured me changes were afoot addressing issues others also found bothersome, but I’d swapped canoes and had no plans to go back.  That’s still the case right now.  Never say, “Never!” eh?  

2 Asinine is not a bad word, Miss Primm, but the word referenced in “Talking With Clutch” is the proper word for a female dog. The piece also has the word used to describe the place Christians and others resign bad people to for being bad people, and the word used by illiterates like me for “accursed!” If that doesn’t make you want to look up a brownie recipe, there’s thinly veiled innuendo, too.

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  1. I had a bitch of a time working out what this damn post was about.😂

    My favourite saying about dogs is
    Lord help me to be the person my dog thinks I am.
    I wish I’d thought of it!

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