Random Thoughts On Love – November 15, 2020

A trifle cool Saturday morning.  Not excited about going outside to do anything (besides, I whomped-out the yardwork Friday afternoon) so I went back to work lining-up posts for next week.  Working on Friday the 20th I determined to pull the chunk of poetry you saw yesterday as “Waxing Poetic About Love” into “Poetry and Lyrics” under “Writing.”

I’d meant to put the balance of a post I’d done elsewhere, “Random Thoughts on Love” in the 20th blog with a link to the poetry.  Whoops!  Edited the “Page” as a “Post” and away it went.  Nertz.

So here’s the balance of the reposted work.  Mind you, if you’re keen, you’ll pick-up on some innuendo and mild expletives.

Unh what?

   [I was just thinking…]

Broke my heart…
Love’s dreadful burden…
Crushed by love lost…
With a heavy heart…
Prisoner of love…

How can something science hasn’t assigned measurable mass or volume be so heavy?

Arts, Science, and Everyday Spins – “Love”

(Economics) A rare commodity where supply and demand never reconcile.
(Chemistry) How much is a mole of love?
(Painting) Love what she’s done with the browns and earth tones, and the texture…
(Medicine) Marvelous advances in cardiology; still can’t fix a ‘broken heart.’
(Sculpture) Of all the body parts, the heart – ‘repository’ of love – is never cast.
(Physics) Every amorous attraction risks a virulent rejection.
(Used car dealer) Loved and cared for by a little old lady in Scarsdale.
(Theatre) I believe Knopfler did ‘Romeo and Juliet’ better.
(Grocery shopping) Lovely deal: normally $5.98 each, but today special at two for $12.00!
(Music – C&W) After runaway dogs and pickup trucks, the best-selling tunes ponder love.
(Music – Pop) The louder you scream it, the more profound it must be, has to be.
(Music – Soft Rock) See ‘Theatre’ above.
(Music – Hard Rock) Tear your heart out and eat it.
(Music – Acid Rock) Unh, I dunno, beats me.
(Music – Emo) How can I love you when I hate myself
(Music – Classical) No words, how can you tell?  Was Clair de Lune romance?  Fur Elise?
(Music – Opera) That soprano really isn’t in pain, Grimaldi just stepped on her foot.
(Music – Rap) Alternate Classical; words hardly discernible; a wicked dialect of Italian?
(Movies) Bundle it with sex; who needs plot?
(Documentaries) Here, on the streets of Amsterdam…
(Corporate boardrooms) Just make them love it; leggy blonde or unshaven male, it’ll sell.

What they said,
but really

She said she loved the way you did that!
Nah.  She’s gonna put the badmouth on you as soon as you’re out of earshot.

I love French fries!
Damn straight, Skippy!  Pass the ketchup.

Don’t you just love that?
Makes me wanna gag!

I’d love to have that much money.
Especially if I didn’t have to work for it.

Love to get my hands on that.
But I’d have to wash them after.

Love is nothing in tennis.
What, tennis dorks don’t grasp zero?

Not for love nor money.
Well, maybe if he asked nice.

She’s in love!
No she ain’t. That man has money!

Love makes the world go ‘round.
And screws it up more often than spellcheck.

You’re gonna love this.
I didn’t believe it either.

Oh, Elbert, I’ll love you forever!
Or until you run out of money.

Gee, Patty, I’ll love you forever!
Unless Imogene breaks up with Brad.

Love has no bounds.
Wanna bet?

Love you!
But this is Facepages, I don’t have time to say something meaningful.

I love you, Elrod, but we need time apart.
I just met the dreamiest guy!

I love you, Julene, but we need time apart.
That hot chick over there’s been making eyes all morning.

I’d love to help you with your warranty, but we don’t carry that model anymore.
You Bozo: you beat the hell out of it, it ain’t broke, it’s destroyed!

Yes, Love, I’m going to help you with that.
You battle axe, as soon as I find the car keys, I’m outta here.

Yes, Love, dinner’s almost ready.
I just need to find the warfarin.

She loved him to death.
Ah!  That explains it.

They were in love for sixty years.
They hated each other but hung around out of spite.

Loved it!
Didn’t understand a word.


Anybody ever fall in hate?

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