Special Edition – November 6, 2020

Behind on my reading of the many fine bloggers I follow and am inspired by, because I was, unh, guess what, writing new stuff, I missed a notice from Hobbo.  It seems he made a mistake and awarded the “Honourable Order of Best Blog Owners” recognition to, um, well, me.

Risking this public acknowledgement causing discovery of his error and retraction of the HOBBO award, I want to get this on record and in so doing, again advertise his site.  (See above you dummies, where your browser turns the text blue and morphs your pointer when you mouse over it – that’s the guy, right there.  And right here, so you don’t sprain your wrist.)

Incidentally, before I forget, that’s “HOBB-OH” not “HO-BO.” A certain classiness to it.  Show respect. Like your momma taught you.

Best part of this recognition is that I’m not obligated to answer ten questions, nominate eleventy other bloggers, pose ten new questions, or insert pingbacks in several sensitive places.  I am quite free to use my time productively to read senior bloggers’ posts, and somewhat less productively, do some writing of my own.

So here, publicly I acknowledge:

Regretfully, Hobbo, I will be unable to attend the ceremony as I…


“What?  Can’t you see, I’m orating? Important stuff, here.  I gotta get this done so it’s embarrassing if the award is yanked and I need to…”

[“Unh, there is no ceremony.”]

“What?  I don’t get to travel?”

[“Nope.  You said you can’t attend anyway.”]

“That’s for show.  Humility and all.”

[“That’s a new one.”]


[“Humility.  You never do that very well.  You need more practice.”]

“No kneeling for the sword across one shoulder then the other?”

[“Unh, nope.  Sorry.”]

“Guess there’s not any knighthood or knightdom or whatever?”


“Still the money, right? That’s solid?”

[“Nope.  Nada.”]


[“Count your lucky stars. There’s still the ARSE at risk.”] 

“That’s by subscription.  I’m not signed-up.”

[“Why not?”]

“Somewhat presumptuous, eh?”

[“Never bothered you before.”]

“Am I paying you real money?”


“Well you see why, don’t ya?”

Ahem.  I regretfully acknowledge that somewhere another deserving blogger has to wait another month before garnering this coveted HOBBO accolade.  I want to thank members of the nominating…

[“Get real, dude…”]

“Anybody ever tell you you’re a pain in the….”

Published by spwilcen

Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

7 thoughts on “Special Edition – November 6, 2020

  1. Congrats? I bet it’s good for a free cup of coffee…somewhere

    Your writings are always fresh…and appreciated

  2. 😂😂This had me laughing out loud again. If you can’t get to the ceremony, I’ll put my dress suit back in the wardrobe. 😂😂

    1. Keep it. There’s next month! And hey, ever think Hobbo could win the HOBBO? Has something of a nice clang to it, eh? Again thanks, sir for your good words and, believe it or not, for your example. Carry on!

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