Borscht – November 3, 2020

“Eat your soup. Pashka, eat.”

“It is too hot, Babushka.”

“Hot is good. We go out to the cold after we eat.  Soup!”


“Add some cream.  Careful!  Not too much!  Now eat, Pashka.”

“I don’t like beets.”

“Beets we have.”

“Or onions.”

“Onions we have too.”

‘How about some chicken, old woman?”

“We sold our chickens.”

“Some beef?”

“We have a cow. She blesses us with milk.  What milk we don’t need, we sell.”

“Sell the beets.”

“Everyone has beets. Beets they don’t want.”

“I don’t want beets.  Or onions.”

“Don’t complain, Pashka.  Soup!  Eat the soup!”

“It’s cold.”


FF:10; WC:100


Pashka: Russian or Slavic European traditional Easter dessert.  An extravagance, an indulgent delight.  Oddly, the recalcitrant lass, Pashka, you decide if she is eight, fourteen, or forty and only visiting her grandmother, is so named. Someone at some time deemed this child a gift, a treasure.  She may still be, but here, she does not want beet soup or borsch, what many, including me, consider, properly executed, a delicious and soul-warming winter’s repast.

Babushka: Head scarf, again common in Eastern Europe.  As “old women” consider this scarf fashionable and utile, it is seen on many ladies’ heads, summer, fall, spring and winter. The name is used to affectionately and respectfully refer to an “old woman.” 


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    1. Keep it and lemoncello in the freezer 24x7x365. On leap year? Meh. C’mon over. Bring your pocket watch frozen at 5:05 with you. For the teetotalers, the samovar always is at the ready.

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