MSM Update – October 26, 2020

SATIRE people, satire.

My recent bid to land a position as cub reporter with a prestigious media station out west has been summarily rejected.  That station not “out” west far enough to be the “other” side of the big mountains, it still was a major disappointment.  You’ll recall I recently shared one of their broadcast coups with my followers, all six of you.  I’ve resigned myself to practicing here at spwilcenwrites.  Perhaps conscientiously applying myself, paying attention to senior bloggers who have thus far not blocked me, I may learn enough to apply again, for a position at a less prestigious station.

Still smarting from my crushed desire to cub report, I’ve occupied myself following the developing story you probably heard first from this blog by listening to those professionals as they tracked the saga as it unfolded. Unfortunately, larger MSM outlets quickly picked-up on the breaking story and have so swamped airwaves, on-line resources, and even print journals, I can no longer connect with my primary source.  Unhappily, I’ve made do using alternate and occasionally less reliable MSM sources.

I’m quite concerned the MHLM movement hasn’t risen to the occasion.  It seems they should.  I suppose resources must be dedicated to earlier causes, only so many activists are available at any given time.  My overriding fear is that if only the most vocal MSM sources are heard, it will dull the urgency for action. MSM I’m hearing seems to be distorting facts or shifting the story focus, not at all very MSM-like.  Aspiring to an MSM career, I admire them but suspect they may be straying from their true purpose. 

For example, one prestigious Washington D.C. agency suggests hornet murderers (not the Murder Hornets) dispatched to Blaine are looking for evidence queens may have already left the raided nest.  How do they presume to tell?  Do queens leave behind royal mementos?  Do they not pick up after themselves?  You know, leaving clothing, make-up, and tiaras behind? Details like this cannot be left to the imagination.

A reputable Gotham, New York MSM had a decent report.  However, they kept bringing up “Asian” when referring to the hornets.  Potentially a double faux pas. There’s no need to constantly slur Asian anything.  These hornets were found in Washington but may in fact have snuck across the border from Canada.  Are they Giant Canadian Murder Hornets? If there is no Canadian culpability, then are they not Giant Blaine Murder Hornets?

Emanating print and on-line reporting from Virginia, a relatively new source submitted a good recounting, also suggesting it’s unknown how the hornets entered the US.  That leaves doubt as to whether the fault lies with the Republicans or Democrats.  Then, aspects of “alien” and “legality,” especially this close to the election leave one wondering where Kamala and Mike stand on this odd twist in the immigrant issue.

As yet there is no confirmed report of what agents intend to do with captured hornets.  There is certainly a market farther south on the west coast for exotic pets.  It’s either that or euthanasia which will draw intense protests in the United States where all but human life is revered. 

Headquartered across the pond, giving it credence not enjoyed by most stateside MSMs, a staid British MSM has now reported the hornets were “destroyed.” Unfortunately, the report was unclear what method was used and indeed if elimination was humane. 

Normally “humane” in the U.S. is reserved for non-humans. One understands applicability of ‘humane’ to animals.  Are adjustments required when porting ‘humane’ practices down (or ‘up’ as the case may be) taxonomic domains as we understand them?

Closing tonight I feel several issues remain questionable.  Apparent exaggerations and unfounded speculations abound.

Incendiary language bandied-about by MSM is a concern.  A brief list includes such as: dangerous predator, spitting venom, dental floss, slaughter phase, terrifying, deadly, pre-dawn, eradicate, pollinate, asphyxiate, and entomologist.  Can’t all be true.  What are we talking about here, Republicans?  In the words of a noted teller-of-truth, “C’mon, man!”

These hornets Pinocchioed from two inches to two and one-half inches.  Before long, the earlier ‘six foot’ report may prove true.  I personally suspect the one Bill Penpoint referred to was a queen, therefore somewhat larger than normal.

‘Newborn hornets’ are mentioned. Newborn?  Animals from eggs are hatched, not born, right?

Multiple sources report agents were led to the nest by a hornet fitted with a tracking device.  There is some doubt there.  It may have been an undercover yellow jacket, placed by the FBI or CIA.  It’s possible it was a turncoat female hornet spiteful over rejection for a position as queen. Maybe a drone for the same reason?

You know, following this story made me think about Blaine Murder Hornets threatening apiaries.  I’ve wondered for a long time.  How do you milk a bee?  That seems tedious, and somewhat dangerous work.  Certainly, that’s reflected in the price of honey. Gotta admire someone with the skill and nerves to milk bees.

PSA:  ZipFast retailers report they are completely out of stock.  Staff members here are striving diligently to uncover alternate sources.


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