Ramble Rumblings – October 7, 2020

Playing fair

Don’t ask me why, but I give equal time to Democranks and Repullicans.  Curious: I bump into a Democrank who impresses me with what s/he writes or says, they begin to make points with their rationalization.  Not often, now and again.  As if they sense it’s time for the kill, they press on saying something stupid, baseless, unsupportable, and were it not painfully and dangerously absurd, laughable. This brings all of what they said before back into question. Besides making me angrier over their lunacy, their intolerance, it frustrates the snot out of me.  How can they be so sane one moment and looney-tunes the next?

Democranks, however, have not cornered the market in stupid.  Fess up, Repullicans.


Um yep.  They deep-end now and again too.  Problem with Repullicans is they have consciences.  They don’t actually believe themselves when they lie.  Which puts them behind the eightball in overall lunacy points ratings.  Not believing themselves, they are pressed to make others believe.  This makes them ineffective as liars. They prevaricate, but honest to Pedro, they just can’t pull any of it off with a straight face.


The Asian Giant (murder) Hornets to northwest US (Washington state).

The Tasmanian Devil back to mainland Australia.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis. One more reason to malign mosquitoes.  Say.  Liberalism spread by mosquitoes?

Right or wrong

I feel some compassion for the west coasties suffering fires, the north west coasties suffering rampant liberalism, and an America so caught-up in “me, me, me.”  I’m guessing if WW II were today, our allies of the 40’s would be left to go it alone.  Then maybe, horror of horrors, Axis philosophies would be worldwide.  Probably.  Gee, that being the case, today’s misguided liberals, anarchists, and brick-shoppers could taste firsthand what “freedom” is (or was) all about.

Still not sending my money out west to “help.” Ah, but I have no control over tax-funded expenditures, do I?

When I stand for the national anthem, I still get goosey feelings.  Mom, country, and apple pie.  Don’t worry folks, I have an appointment with the doc.  I’ll get some meds to keep that under control.


WP stats:  6 views, 1 visitor, 3 likes, 0 comments.  Get this: one of the one visitor was from Spain with 3 views, and the other one of the one visitor was from Switzerland with 3 views.  I am so-o-o-o glad I am not held accountable for the new math.  Maybe that’s why Democranks can’t grasp reality?  There’s some new math involved? On the other hand, some Repullicans have difficulty with other hard sciences – climatology, epidemiology, and thermodynamics, for example.  Then there are the soft sciences neither left nor right understand – economics, sociology, religion, and ethics.

Okay, the Left rails against Trump.  One man.  Mostly one man.  It requires work to recognize others of the Right evoking the same level of vehemence.  There’s where the Left leads the nation, by golly!  They have Joey, Nancy, AOC, Tlaib, Carey, Harris, Ilhan, Baldwin, Gretchid…

While we’re “defunding”

Let’s defund the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin.  Seems (according to Fox News) on hearing President Trump was discharged from the hospital, she suggested Walter Reed Hospital should be defunded.  If the details of what I read are correct, this lady is off her nut.  Wait.  Works for the Washington Post.  Reporter.  Insane.  Yeah.  Redundant.

Well, why not defund the Washington Post at the same time?

Fox News?  Media Matters dot org suggests Fox News is Right Wing.  Maybe.  But certainly stupid.  Put that kind of incendiary “news” out there, conservative readers are going to blindly believe and start loading.  Not a good thing.  Question, yes; believe, no.  Liberal readers will be inclined to say, “Well, hell yeah!  Defund them sukkas!” and race to grab bricks.   Only way to defund Fox News is to stop reading their horseshit.  That could take a while.

Jim Gaffigan (per Newsweek) a comedian I used to enjoy for his sick humor turns out to be just sick.  Not talking about COVID-19 either.

Overheard.  Sadly.

“Vote! Vote! Vote!”  Gee, he actually came out and said it, didn’t he?  All the Democranks voting three times, gonna be a tough election.

“Joey, why would a Byeden presidency be good for America?”

“Trump bad, Trump bad, Trump bad!”

“Well, there’s always room for opinion, Joey, but can you tell me why a Bieden presidency would be good for America?”

“Trump bad, Trump bad, Trump, bad.”

“Okay, Joey, let’s try this a different way.  What have you accomplished in the past that illustrates your concern for and positive impact on the American economy or society in general for example?”

“Trump bad, Trump bad, Trump bad!”

I suggest

COVID-19 is not the greatest health problem confronting this country.

PSA Ultima chiamata. “Nicole e la capra che leggono libri” è ancora là fuori, in italiano. Se lei leggessi, sarei interessato alla tua opinione sulla traduzione e come si confronta con la storia originale in inglese. Grazie mille.  O no.

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4 thoughts on “Ramble Rumblings – October 7, 2020

  1. You notice that here, too. Instead of standing/falling on the issues, a party will say “ew, you don’t want *him* elected, do you?” I feel it perticularly when it is a government saying this, which has a record to defend. Shoulldn’t they be saying “look at all the good we’ve done”?

  2. Good read. Don’t sweat the numbers as yet…it took me over a year to consistently get over 30.

  3. Wouldn’t call it a “sweat.” Just like to understand so when something clicks, I can recognize it. Maybe it will re-direct or re-affirm, I dunno. As it is WP stats gimme bupkiss. Thanks for popping-by, reading and you comment. Press on!

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