Aisle Three, Today Only – September 30, 2020

Seems about right: $100.00 to $1,295.00 for tennis shoes.1   Tennis anyone?

I can buy half a dozen tee-shirts for $14.00.  For $19.95 I can get one with some company’s logo and slogan ink-screened on it.  Um.  No-brainer.

For $8.99 I can buy 10 ounces of primo Ethiopian coffee grounds – makes about 50 cups of coffee.  Discounting water, and electricity, that’s less than 20 cents per cup.  For $4.00 I can buy a cup of coffee at a trendy chain coffee shop.  No-brainer, c’mon get in the car, we’re gonna drive to the coffee hut!

Read the two-alpha titled men’s magazine: how can someone possibly justify charging $3,995.00 for a sports jacket?  $850.00 for a dress shirt? 

Feel left out ladies?  Pick up one of the fashion/cooking/gardening/home/décor mags published by the US stock-trading maven.  You ain’t seen stupid until you see some of the prices for decojunk and clothing in those pages.

Myself, I can’t wait to pay $24.00 for a year’s subscription to a magazine that is 33% to 50% or more advertising2 and down-to-earth, something I can relate to.

Hm.  I should pay upwards of $450.00 (a modest amount) to watch a professional sports team play in person3 when for a “contribution” I can support and watch an elementary, middle, or high school sponsored sporting event?  Closer to the action.  Cheaper refreshments.  And none of the players will feel compelled to tell me how to vote.  Oh. I can hear the band at football games much, much better.

What this country really needs is a good five-cent cigar.

1 Nike… Louboutin

2 A challenge for you: buy any glossy mag off the rack – excluding professional and scientific pubs.  At home when you’re bored stupid, decide the area constituting 1/8, 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2 an individual page.  Of course, a full page, too.  Tally the space adverts occupy for individual pages.  Divide by total pages.  Viola!  Percentage of advertising.  (Don’t forget front and back covers and realize some publishers slip in unnumbered pages – usually loaded with advertising.)   You paid $6.99 or more for 40% advertising?  Seems fair.  By the way, any “spot” that lists price and place-to-purchase is an advertisement.

3 Tickets: $50-$1,300; parking $50-$60; concessions $5 each easily.  Discount travel, waiting in parking queues, crossing your legs waiting in line outside bathroom facilities…

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2 thoughts on “Aisle Three, Today Only – September 30, 2020

  1. ///it’s scary, isn’t it? My first job, we were essentially government but it was in the days when governments were trying to offload all this. We had to bid for work and the government contracts were “cost plus” – you account for all your costs, and at the end of it they’d allow you 2-3% profit, say. And you’d think it would be cood if the market worked that way. Companies could cover their costs and add a few percent, nobody feels bad. The trouble is, Nike tees would ten retail at 3c!

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