Lunacies – September 28, 2020

You must get government permission to purchase a handgun.  You do not need permission to buy a knife, baseball bat, or brick.  Then…

…handguns must be registered.  Knives, baseball bats, bricks, and bathtubs need not be registered.

Arrested for carrying a concealed brick?   

Just try to conceal a bathtub.

What is the required waiting time before the government approves your automobile purchase?  How extensive, I wonder, is the background check? I understand even Republicans are allowed to purchase automobiles.

While you argue your point, I am obliged to listen.  While I argue my point, you are obliged to scream in my face.  Spitting because of your spluttering ferocity is optional.

Most of the lunatics and morons in the US are registered.  A good number are registered as Democrats. Most of the rest are registered as Republicans.

Some athletes making millions complain their “people” are downtrodden.  It doesn’t bother them enough that they’re willing to share their millions.  Complain? Yes, loudly, and irrationally.  Share and bootstrap?  Nope.  Gotta build a mega-million-dollar mansion and buy another million-dollar automobile.  Then, there’s the team meeting to see how many more games need to be boycotted.

When we run out of things to boycott, I have some interesting suggestions.

Then, there was the celebrity “influencer” who said she’d not post any more as a protest against something or other. I’m gonna take note. If she comes back on-line, I’ll see if I can’t upset her again so she is inclined to withdraw to show me what’s what.

Millionaire movie stars want me, almost making a passable living, to send my money to feed starving Martians and rescue dinosaurs.  Um.  How much did it cost to film the ad and purchase airtime?   Sure.  Where’s my checkbook?

You can, if you are purple, organize a purple-only social club.  Which means you can exclude un-purple people from membership in, and privileges of, your club.  You can do that because you are a minority, and therefore entitled. Your purple rights are protected. 

You cannot, if you are pale, organize a pale-only social club excluding un-pale people in any way.  Because you are not a minority and not entitled.  You have no rights.  There’s nothing there to protect. Matter of fact, you need to institute programs to recruit non-pale people into your non-exclusive club.  Doesn’t make sense why, and it’s gonna be a tough job.  Why would any un-pale people want to join your club? Suspect they have more sense than that.

Certain groups bemoan receiving a lack of respect.  I suspect that’s because they don’t in any way understand respect.

How do you stop violence?  Why, with violence, of course!

And how do you end racism?  C’mon, you see the game I’m playing, right?

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3 thoughts on “Lunacies – September 28, 2020

  1. The USA lost it’s freedom of association years ago. We are now losing freedom of speech, freedom of assembly (unless you’re on the side of socialism), freedom of religious expression, and the right to bear arms. What we are free to do is burn and loot but only if we’re on the side of socialism and the myth of “social justice” which is just socialist tyranny in a slutty dress.

    1. I thought this post fairly incendiary. One comment. Guess not. Thanks for popping-in and commenting. Hm… Wonder if all my buds are out stocking-up on bricks. Christmas season, you know, shopping to do.

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