Truly Rambling – September 19, 2020

Continuing Autumn

It is certainly cooler here.  Fall-ish.  Most of the back-deck container plants are done-in.  Some for neglect while we were “up north” scoping possibilities.  Some because, well, it’s that time of year. We’re waiting for the garlic chive to set seeds so we can harvest for next year.  They are slow to mature for some reason.  Heirloom chive out front is similarly late to seed. 

Chocolate mint is still hale and hearty, so I could reach down and pinch-off a leaf or two to chew while sitting on the deck debating if it would be this evening or tomorrow for yet another session with the mower. Yes, the lawn is growing marvelously.  Fescue prefers cooler weather like we’ve had the last few days.  Cool enough I was instructed to open windows.  First, I relieved the AC of immediate duties, then I opened windows on opposite sides of the castle as directed.  By morning, it was almost uncomfortably cool inside.

Resident hummingbirds are messing with our minds.  Normal progression to departure time is for them to become aggressively territorial, the bolder ones chasing away the less bold to maintain exclusivity of their feeding grounds.  Then as it nears time to finally pack up and head to wherever, to actually share the eighteen or so feeding stations.  So far, not so.  The head count is low and because of that, little arial combat.  Still no sharing, but again because of low numbers it’s of little concern anyway.   I don’t know if the Democrats or the Republicans are to blame.


In legitimate conservative press and naturally conservative blogs there’s been a lot of chatter on the passing of RBG.  Her politics are not my politics, but I see no reason why any official or blog press should be so brutal.  Uncivil.  I want to compare those people to the BLM/anti-police animals who tried to blockade the hospital where the ambushed California deputies were being treated, the demonstrators shouting that they wished the families of the deputies to know they hoped for the deputies’ deaths.  Please, folk, for RBG a moment of silence, then without racist or sexist rancor, get back to politics.

About the fires out west.  I’m no fan of the attitudes or politics out that way.  I’ve made stupid statements before about how the whole west coast could earthquake off into the Spacific Ocean and that would be fine by me.  Or they could disconnect from the rest of the country, take Oregon and Washington with them as satellites, dope themselves silly, and I’d be in favor of leaving them alone so long as they were not allowed to leave their new nation.  Yeah, numbskull ideas.  That’s okay, they probably don’t think much of me either.  But I read where the first death – of a smoke eater – happened as a result of the “gender reveal” party.  There are some folks there have to be really proud.  I mean, they must really get some good grass out there to be that stoned.


Not going there.

Hmm.  No excessive rain

All the rain I expected from the hurricanes never materialized here.  I guess that’s my fault.  Probably.  Put it on my desk; I’ll get to it first thing tomorrow morning.

That’s all I have.

Well, no, it’s not.  I noodled thoughts for this onto a yellow legal pad while I was helping the Boss hold the back deck down this afternoon.  There’s an entry I can’t make out: “grumg ganfbations.”  I have no idea what that was. Is.  Could be. Might have been.

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6 thoughts on “Truly Rambling – September 19, 2020

  1. There is a difference between wanting someone dead, blocking a hospital entrance, attempting to storm a hospital and reading an obituary with happiness. IMO conservatives are returning the treatment received when Scalia died which was celebratory and ridiculing. Yes, both sides are uncivil, but thus far only one side is rioting and threatening more destruction. It also seems odd that some on the left are profanely angry now that RBG did not retire when Obama was president and that she failed to live until next year. It seems that the reaction on the right is a “turn about is fair play” reaction even if it’s uncivil. I have mixed feelings about the reaction, but I don’t see any attempts on the left to turn down their volume.

    Has “not stoop to their tactics” really worked for conservatives, or has it empowered the left as “rewarded behavior is repeated behavior” (and something we see now as leftist groups are being rewarded with corporate money (maybe out of fear or maybe out of solidarity)?

    1. Excellent and thoughtful, insightful comment. I am not convinced conservatives are flawless in implementing “do not stoop…”. The left considers itself empowered and corporations are following, condoning, and subsidizing out of economic fear, yes, but also because many “corporate” heads are liberal themselves. Nothing wrong with “liberal.” There is a great deal “wrong” with violence, disrespect, and deceit. No, I do not imply conservatives are pure of heart nor do I suggest all conservative goals are wise. It is time we as people prove ourselves better than other animals.

  2. I’m not convinced they’re flawless either! But I do think they’re fed up with being villainized and feeling that they are not allowed to villainize the other side even when they behave very badly, so they lashed out. They’re still not burning cities or shooting strangers of the “wrong” race, creed or politics. Nope, nothing wrong with being liberal. A lot of my in laws are liberals who deplore the violence and manipulations they see on their own side. One of them ,a 95 year old woman thinks the violence is a form of political speech just as Chris Cuomo does…but then her husband was a big violent anarchist during the Spanish Civil War, so I expect this from her.

    I am sure Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos are funding the unrest as much as Soros is. A group called Arabella Advisors happily helps “philanthropists” with their political goals including “street action”. I assume that’s a euphemism for unrest. Do I believe those guys love all liberal ideas? No. They love money, and a lot of their money comes from association with China

    Are we better than the animals? I wish. But I can’t point to a time in history when we were. My dad was a WWII vet who fought nobly, and was a first class disreputable human being at many times in his life. I spoke to him not long before he died, as his view was that he was entitled to put his needs ahead of other people, because of all that happened to him and his family during the war and the Depression. His brother survived Anzio and did not share this sense of entitlement. We are mixed bags, all.

    Thanks for responding to me, btw. And if you’re looking for a conservative blog that is very NSFW, look no further than I often read it and sometimes respond, though the language is sometimes off putting to me, and I am no prude.

  3. Thank you again for taking time to think and comment intelligently. I appreciate your thoughts and insight. I see parallels, certainly in family and my generally poor opinion of “people” as respectable animals. I will check on the NSFW site. I am, as you can see from some of my posts, something less than careful with my language and sometimes impolite. And as you might guess quite conservative politically.

  4. Thank for popping-in, Mario. Don’t understand what it is you don’t agree with. If it’s important, we can go “sidebar” (private) and chatter away until one or both of of us is satisfied or miffed. Your call, but I suspect you have better things to do. This is one of those thought-provokers that elicits commentary better than the post. I consider that a good thing.

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