More Than Normally Embarrassed – September 14, 2020

More than usual, the actions of some “Americans” have given the country reason to be embarrassed. Two Sheriff’s Deputies in California, as I read every recounting, were ambushed by a lone assailant Saturday.  Last I knew their lives were in peril. 

That is bad enough.  Anti-police protestors approached the hospital where the injured deputies were being treated and tried to disrupt emergency traffic into the hospital.  Using language one hears consistently from individuals of low intelligence, the demonstrators declared they wanted the families of the deputies to understand it was their (the demonstrators’) hope the deputies died.

After hours of searching for and reading/viewing every report I could find of any credibility (at present a challenge) I was unable to determine completely the gender and ethnicity of the animals making that statement.  One episode filmed by demonstrators themselves indicates those responsible for the incredulously vile comments have done perhaps the greatest damage possible to their own causes.  If that “evidence” is allowed past censure into public broadcast, these racist sociopaths will have successfully polarized the nation irreparably.

In many instances, I disagree with some of our elected leaders.  In this case, I agree with the bold statements made at highest levels of national government about the apparently sole perpetrator.  Further, in this case I would suggest those who expressed little regard for the lives of the deputies and their families are as despicable as the gunman.  And perhaps greater cowards.

Individuals who act this way are rabid animals.   You understand what happens to rabid animals?

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One thought on “More Than Normally Embarrassed – September 14, 2020

  1. I hadn’t heard of this, but it soesn’t surprise me. When people in the uniform are caught on camera killing people, it was only a matter of time before people started attacking other people in the uniform, even though the two sets of policemen probably have nothing else in common.

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