Not Gonna Do It – September 11, 2020

If today’s date doesn’t make your mind race, you might be too young for a lot of things.  Voting and legally drinking alcohol in most states, for example.  Certainly, too young to have “memories” of nineteen years ago.  Unless you are in your youth an exceptional student of history and international politics, you’ll likely not have much grasp on the significance of this date in history and in the minds of many living Americans and citizens of other countries.

Other dates of similar international ignominy and national heartbreak litter history.  Oh, and let’s not make light of anger either.  The anger that precipitated events nineteen years ago, and the anger then, and yet, that resulted. Creative creatures, humans, we continue to devise new angers and new ways to fail to address root causes.  So versatile are we, we even get angry over others’ anger: excessive, insufficient, unwarranted, misguided, unjustifiable, lethal, disruptive, and criminal.

I’m not ignoring the date.  But I feel I can add nothing to what is already out there; so much you’d have to work to not feel inundated by recaps, recounts, analysis, and apologies.  Horrible pictures and statistics.  Just catching-up on my reading for the day, there has been so much mention of the event, so many over-and-over-again interpretations, I was at once saddened and willing to be done with it, left to my own thoughts and determinations.

The rush of reminders was at first bad enough, I considered skipping today’s ‘rambling.’ That’s a form of surrender.  I shall not.  Neither though, will I try to outdo timely remembrance by talented others.  I recognize the date.  So should you.  My resolve to get beyond it and however possible do my part to prevent another similar event remains.  So should yours.

If you are late life like me, you and I cannot enlist to offer our service.  Some of us did that in our turn long ago.  Today, we’d be underfoot, in the way of those who can best do the job.  We cannot become policemen or firemen or doctors, nurses, and such.  We’re too late to the dance. 

We can be vigilant citizens.  Mindful of our obligations to vote and be otherwise politically aware and involved.  To change what needs changing.  To preserve what need preserving. So many opinions vie for considerations as the truth that choices to be made will be difficult.

With that, I express my sorrow for all the losses.  Thinking of those who died and those left behind.  It should never happen again.  History tells us it will, in ways different yet the same.  Different atrocities, new horrors.

As the foolishness comes down to the wire, I find myself without a candidate.  Without a party.  Democrats are liars. Republicans are liars.  That might be okay, except neither party is exceptionally good at it.  Lying.  You’d think with all the practice they have and the incentive, they’d be flawless.  It is embarrassing how they get caught, refuse to admit to it, then press on as if nothing has happened.

I mean, grow up folks. If your man is thought to be mentally incompetent, suck it up, get busy and prove he’s not.  It’s not convincing anyone otherwise if you just let it ride.  If your number two has a history of bad-mouthing military among others, make for some explanations to show how it isn’t true, was tainted by circumstance, or heartfelt reversal is legit.

Hey, you!  On the other side.  Stop acting like a clown.  If you crave respect as POTUS you must show some respect for the office yourself. As much as you’d like it to be, it’s not a game show; this is the ultimate reality show.  A little reserve?  A little class?  Not even asking for a lot of class.  Just a little. 

Read if the election snafus, Speaker of the House will be acting president1.  As bad as the other two are, I can think of absolutely nothing more disastrous and shameful. Has nothing to do with gender or party affiliation.  Only thing more frightening could have taken place in 2016 but didn’t.  For all the good that did. 

Will have to tend the lawn Sunday. Again. Sure does look nice though.  Think I’ll leave the deck high.  Grass seems comfortable with it.  Need to get the lime spread and prep for aerate and overseed.  

Today, Friday, I finished all the to-dos on Wednesday’s list.  Not bad, eh?  It’s worse than even that sounds.  Now I’m getting down to some heavy-duty work.  Scoping-out the hedges.  Dig them up or not?  If I do, replace them?  Reset the stones in the side and back surrounds? Drop the Arborvitae by the deck steps or try to trim them?

Three days at it and already I’m two days behind.  Doesn’t bode well for scheduling.  For sure, boredom will not be an issue.  Hot dang!  National elections and prepping the house for sale.  Gonna be an interesting fall and winter.

1 Not verified.  You do it. Until you do, don’t run around spouting it as gospel.  Just think of the calamity of it though.  Scary.  Yeow!  Did some preliminary checking.  No wonder we’re in bad shape. Count the damned votes; mostest wins.  Nope.  All the legal mumbo jumbo in the 20th amendment seems to indicate yup, probably.  States if the House (gee, that seems fair, huh?) hasn’t declared, then the VP winner is acting POTUS.  Hmm.  Hand-glove.  No declared POTUS suggests no declared VPOTUS. Means according to POTUS succession Speaker is acting POTUS.  12th Amendment seems to nail that.  On the other hand…

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