September Chores – September 7, 2020

It’s getting to be the time of year I enjoy more than any other.  We’ve a few weeks, a very few weeks left until October.  The month of Halloween and harvest, followed quickly by Thanksgiving month, then Christmas month.  I’m not giving away my time, but it seems there may be a big change in the offing soon.  Which makes me anxious to move through, to get past, these “favorite” months.

That’s part of what the “out of pocket” this last week was about. To see if the Boss and I will close up shop here in Tennessee, sell, and move north to be nearer family.  If we do, we will do ourselves no favor if we don’t get at least one or two acres of land with a new place.  We both love vegetable gardening.  We have a few ornamentals, sure, but not much prettier than the pineapple sage when it blossoms, or the chives, or the basil.  In the suburbs, we do quite well with our tiny plots.  We’ve mostly volunteer plants – tomatoes, squash, peppers, and the odd melons – sprouting from seeds in my compost pile.  We “adopt” the hardiest and best-looking ones to populate our tiny plots.  Makes waiting on fruit something of a mystery.  We could save seed to selectively produce transplantable veggies, but why, when there are so many volunteers?

Doing as well as we do with our tiny plots, we’re excited to be able at last to perhaps seriously garden.  Assuming we pull it off. From our mini garden supply, we’ve not bought tomatoes for two months.  And we use a lot of tomatoes.  Peppers, kale, and of course herbs, herbs, herbs!

Target for a move is spring 2021.  That means the first year of gardening in a new location will be abbreviated and probably disappointing.  But until you start, you can’t progress.  That’s what this “move” is all about.  Well, one of the things.  Couple others.  Family.  Slowing down.  Breathing deeply.  For me, a new attitude, less a feeling of impermanence.

The Boss has been working her herbs long enough now, she not only harvests and stores her herbs but also seeds for the next year’s crop.  She’s good at it. It’s difficult to imagine how she’ll do given a handsome bit of ground to build permanent herb beds.  I’ve designs on perennial vegetables, berries, and a place for a decent compost bed. A big pipe dream, surely requiring us to settle in a year or two first, would be a greenhouse.  Or at least, place for large cold frames to start annuals.  We’ll see.

So.  Returning, there will be no more putting it off. Time to do the little fixups I’ve been delaying.  Time to hire-out the bigger fixups to get the current castle ready for market. I don’t look forward to it.  With the last days of September and October, before the cooler weather arrives, time to get the yardwork up to snuff.  Some things the Boss has been, um, ‘suggesting’ I do for a while now.

Certainly, from time to time, I’ll update here on progress.

Just have to remind myself, these are the favorite months.  I need to enjoy them for their individual reasons.

PSA: soon, if not the same time as this entry, look for a rant “Pigs, Pigeons, and Parenting.”  I’m investing some time cleaning-up my language.  If there’s text left when I finish, I’ll post it. 

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4 thoughts on “September Chores – September 7, 2020

  1. Good luck, I have some friends who have a small holding and grow lots of their own fruit and veg. They love it but it seems like lots of hard especially through the summer months.

    1. Originally a farm boy, made computer geek by the service, made a career of it with some interesting asides. So I’m aware of most of what I’m in for. Hard work is good for the soul (and hands and biceps and back) and keeps me out of the pool halls.

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