See Anything Different? – August 19, 2020

It did in fact happen.  My old laptop struggled to keep going but finally, collapsed gracelessly. 

On the last day, during the morning boot, I knew it was over.  I planned a trip to the local PC guru though I felt it really a trip to the coroner’s office for an official pronouncement.  The tech listened carefully to my explanation of symptoms. 

“Boots fine for me!” he declared from safely behind his PC-Laboratory high-front countertop.

“Run diagnostics,” I suggested, knowing the mere fact that it booted this time meant ab-so-lute-ly nothing.

“Okay.”  I was allowed into the O/R. Cables, cables, cables everywhere.  Only thing missing was an oscilloscope, but I’ve only known one tech in my entire life who could read anything significant from an oscilloscope. Probably none of the doodads were necessary, but dang, it sure looked official.

Diagnostics complete, there was a printout longer than the paper receipt from the American chain drug store notorious for six feet of receipt for a five-stick pack of chewing gum.  The word “fatal” occurred so many times, I was concerned the AI software didn’t devise a one-character symbol to replace the word. 

The tech and I discussed options.  (I hear snickering in the background.  Oh!  You’ve been there, right?)   I’d had a discussion with a super tech, an electronics wiz over the prior weekend, while my machine was limping along. I knew some of the “options.” 

Cloning the failed drive was possible.  Installing the cloned drive in my machine was not, except by the Mayo PC Clinic, at no small cost, taking at minimum six days, with zero guarantee that would be the end of my machine’s problems.  The tab for surgery was approaching the cost of a brand-new machine.  

No brainer.

A machine big and brute enough to be a server is not what I need.  I’m not a gamer.  Stats, math packs, and even program-designer graphic programs are no longer necessary.  Not for what I do now, which no longer includes software development of any kind, in any language, in any environment.

What do I need?  Well, since what I do now (see previous posts) is questionable, the best guess is that I need a word processing package, internet access, modest disk storage, and for my own purposes, a spreadsheet package, so I can track my finances, the money I don’t have.  That’s it.  There are probably cell phones or microwave ovens capable of that.  Hell, there are probably bio-monitor wristwatches that will do that. 

Brought the replacement machine home knowing there would be hours and hours of chasing passwords, downloading software, arguing with software vendors over licenses, and so on.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected.  It’s almost complete.  Cost me about a day.  One major package to settle-in.

So, How does it look? Coming from a new machine, I mean? Does it look faster? Cleaner? Spiffier? I didn’t think so either. At least I’m back in the saddle. You know, I feel l am a week behind.  Be fun to see how long it takes to get back to speed.

No “creative” additions.  No “rant.”  Haven’t had the time.

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