Occupation – August 14, 2020

Falling into the “to be or not to be” introspective mood that visits occasionally, I wondered just what is it actually I do?  That mood and needing to update my Linkedin profile gave me pause.  Together, they impressed upon me that I do not know how to introduce myself, for example, should I be out in public where someone who didn’t consider my appearance enough to repel rabid dogs and Democrats felt it necessary to make my acquaintance.

It seems there are a number of recruiter-types out there who clearly cannot understand from my tongue-in-cheek current job description, “Salvage operator at Independent Fiction Salvage,” or the fact that I’m old as dirt and probably as far as computers go don’t understand much any more sophisticated than patch-panel logic boards, I’m not suited to rodeo drag-and-drop software in today’s high-tech (snicker) “programming” environment. Then again, most of these are the same ones who are recruiting for jobs in an American workplace who cannot effectively speak or write the language that is and for a few years yet, anyway, will be used in a little more than half of American workplaces.

So.  When I update Linkedin, am I a writer because that is in fact what I do?  I admit the legitimacy and obvious non-marketability of my work might make that questionable.

So. Okay, am I an aspiring writer?   Probably also questionable.

I’ve heard “content writer” bandied-about.  You know, the ones who write intelligent copy for businesses and industry. I’m supposing to be effective there, one should be fairly-well an expert in whatever they are “writing content” for.  My expertise in any particular field is, um, well, lacking.  No, don’t think I’m a content writer.

Maybe I’m a blogger?  While it may appear so, I suggest it is not.  A real blogger, in my opinion, is focused on one subject vocationally, socially, artistically, or otherwise and thus can invest adequate time in research and developing and maintaining expertise in a narrowed area.  No, not a blogger.  Not right now.

Okay.  Not a writer. Not an aspiring writer.  Not a content writer. Not a blogger.

Perhaps a fool?

I don’t think that’s going to look too snazzy when I print new business cards.

Doesn’t do much for my ego either. And we all know that a writer of whatever standing needs a healthy ego.

PSA.  My computer is starting to complain.  It may be time to replace it.  On the other hand, the “who-shall not be named” operating system purveyor has been regularly updating my system the last few days.  That always leads to a boatload of problems.  If I disappear for a few days.  Take a wild guess.  And be patient.

PSA Number 2 (and okay, a little self-serving): For those of you who only ‘follow’ blog posts, you miss a significant part of spwilcenwrites.  On the home menu, there is a pulldown menu “Writing” allowing you to read posted creative pieces.  Limited time only – free.  For those of you cost-conscious – BOGO!  Try it.  You might like it.  If you do, tell me.  If you don’t, tell me and I’ll quit bothering you.

PSA Number 3:  For the benefit of those bored enough they already have browsed my “creative” posts, but haven’t peeked at the “Update” page in a while, under “Flash” there’s a piece posted August 13, 2020 which may appeal to those of you who like spy genre fiction, “Heartbeat.”  It is short.  Won’t take but a heartbeat to read.  It is, though, also NSFW for language and mild suggestiveness.

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