Editing and Correcting – July 8, 2020

Day before yesterday’s post was something of a lesson. A lesson in editing.  Here’s the deal: I proofed no less than four times.  Had Word “read” it to me multiple times.  Asked Word to “edit” repeatedly.  Left the editor window open so it kept laughing at me as I typed and edited.  Word is looking for new colors to highlight more “classes” of mistooks, and yes, it invokes the speech panel to audibly impress me it finds my work amusing in that way.  

All done, I read it to myself. Twice. Out loud. Egonarcissism, yes, but no.  Reading out loud, there’s a spotty connection somewhere in the circuit running from my eyes, to my brain, back to my lips and throat.  Slowing down is necessary. I should have the circuitry checked but I’m out of warranty. I do catch some things Word has not mastered yet.  For example, “lead” past-tense should be “led,” but Word understands “lead” and context is not Word’s Reader’s swooftest feature.  If it reads “lead” and pronounces (pencil) lead, my ears hear “led,” so I press on blissfully.

Since there was a glitch, likely user-error, in Friday’s post, I set Monday’s post to roll a little earlier, so I could return to the castle before my coach turned back into a pumpkin.  When the post hit my private email, I found an error.  Nutz.  No other.  Fixed it.  Yup, you guessed it.  Another.  Fixed it.  The Boss, ten minutes later, reported a third and different error.  Almost willing to bet, reading now, I could still find another.

So.  Should I spend that much effort trying to make perfect?  Or let it rip, seeing as how blogs are not forever anyway?  Certainly at present perfection is not that important.  My limited subscribers all know I’m marvelously flawed. The jury is out on “loveable.”

I’ll still edit.  But I think I’ll spend less time in edit, and likely won’t rush off to fix errors as soon as I spot them. 

If you’re curious.  Two bananas this morning.  Two left. They are nearly liquid. I had the chili for lunch. It was superb. No surprise there; the Boss makes the best chili, bar none.

PSA: “Plastic Treasure” hit “Life’s Like That” yesterday. 

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