*Bananas are Vitamin B, Right? – July 7, 2020

Not what I’d intended for today, and relevant to nothing, I’m tired of bananas.  I’ve had five today.  So far.  If I eat another one today, I’ll go bonkers or grow a prehensile tail.

Bought bananas late last week.  The boss had been on a banana tear.  Good.  Bananas are loaded with Vitamin B, right, “Banana”? And probably with Vitamin Yellow, too.   (You heard it here first.) Good price at the store and really good-looking bananas.  So I got a small hand of mostly yellow, almost ripe ones and a larger hand of ‘gonna-be-a-couple-days’ greenish ones.

The boss quit eating bananas. There was a memo, for sure, but I didn’t get it.

I’m not big on bananas, so I didn’t pay attention.  Not for the first couple of days.  Suddenly, you know it’s the banana way, they were all ripe and really, really quickly going to be overripe.  That meant one of two things.  Eat a lot of bananas or make banana bread.  I’m good at a lot of things.  Okay, I’m good at a few things.  Banana bread is not on the list. Passable oatmeal cookies, yes.  Terrible chocolate chip cookies, yes. Not hard to figure out.  Banana time!

Raised by WWII parents who did a little “Great Depression” tour, wasting things, food especially, is something I am programmed against.  If it was in vogue or I got paid for it, wasting anything would still be difficult for me.  I even hate to throw away egg cartons.  Ought to be good for something.  Best I can do so far is for packing glassware away for cross-country trips.

Not normally a fruit guy anyway, I figured to spread the banana surplus out across the day.  One before running the Bossmobile to the car hospital.  Chucked the rest of them in the fridge before I left, thinking to slow down the ripening process. Had another one when I got back to the house an hour later. So far, so good. A couple hours after that, lunch.  Decided to dress it up a little. Watermelon, yes that too in danger of going mushy. Blueberries not in danger but I needed something solid.  And three bananas.  Probably going to have a sugar fit.

There are four bananas left. Chili pulled from the freezer early this morning for lunch today will have to wait.  Had my heart set on chili.  Tomorrow, maybe.  Sacrifices.  Chili is not in danger of being too ripe.  Four bananas left unless the bananas in the fridge multiply.  Which I suspect might happen, them being fully mature and all.

Probably be a good idea for me to learn to bake banana bread.  This could happen again.  Or I could be surprised when I open the fridge door tomorrow morning. I need to be prepared.

* I thought as a public service, I’d give readers the nutritional scoop on bananas.  Too involved. Then there’s the matter of disclaimers, seeing as I’m not a nutritionist or a RD or PhD or any such.  Then, depending on what URL you chase, you’ll get somewhat a different list of ‘yeah, bananas got it’ items.  I will, as a public service, suggest a good thing about bananas probably overlooked is that the seeds likely won’t cause you much digestive difficulty. I can see it now, some dork is gonna take issue with that.  Lighten-up people.  Vegetarians upset over public display of a fish statue?  What are we coming to, folks?

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