Delivering on Promises – June 25, 2020

Made good on my promise to add egonarcissism to “Poetry and Lyrics.”  My own suffering with the malady has me thinking I’m cleverly manufacturing new words on a daily basis.  Thought I’d best start writing them down so I can get credit when whoever does dictionary stuff now starts handing out credits for enriching our language.  Enriching or cluttering: jury’s out. 

Words like dictophhobia.  You want to know all the scoop, go inside to “Poetry and Lyrics,” sub-tab “Wordsmithery.”  Better get’m while they’re hot.  Might start charging for them in the near future. I’ll add as new genius presents.  Or not.  You know how crazy-hot ideas fizzle all too quickly.

Also, for Joe, added the first “Rant.”  Wanted to do two rants, but with the press of time, wouldn’t do either justice if I overworked brain cells and fingertips.  If I can keep my bile level up for a day or two, this next “rant” should be a pip.  Spoiler, I will rant and try to apologize for my generation. Spoiler number two, women are going to be “righteously” miffed.  Be good for sales. 

Still not in a “routine.”  I might be expecting too much, but it would be nice.  I’m behind schedule with “Imogene” now.  That “Imogene” has pushed-back “Midas County” is a disappointment.  That will be four YA pieces in less than two weeks.  The genre is ok, quite fun actually, but sure does cramp my language.

“Midas” has hit a bit of a plot snag.  Well, no, the plot is unchanged, it’s the unwinding that’s a little off.  I need to get some Agatha Christie pills. That’s (contrary to what I suggested in “Wordsmithery”) therapeutic for egonarcissism sufferers.  Look at what real writers do.  Then it’s easy to see where you stand in comparison. Better than a shot of penicillin.

For this evening, that’s it. “Imogene” waits but even she is going to be delayed while I see if a Flash piece on word misuse featuring Archie and Walter flies.

Read good stuff, folks.

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