June 16, 2020

This will take some time. “Retired” now, I have surprisingly less time than when I commuted 250 miles Sundays and Fridays to a more-than-fulltime job. Hopefully, the site will expand beyond a blog, presenting otherwise unpublished creative writing.

What to expect? Mostly short stories cataloged under titles like “Conversations,” “Milestones,” “Shorts and Flash,” and “Rants and Raves.” Others, perhaps. One completed near-epic novel, Metaphor, and several still unhappily incomplete novellas. Different formats, different genres, seldom predictable.

I’ve said on many occasions that I write as I speak and speak as I think. Some will not easily follow what I write, and after a while will chose not to follow this site. Perfectly understandable. Intrepid souls who can get past my flaws, may at last pick and chose what they want to read of my work. No ego involved here but folks profess wanting to understand what makes me tick. Not much to expose, less to understand.

A few words of caution for you to consider. From time to time, I slip into adult language. For some pieces, adult situations or graphic scenes may unfold. On occasion, announcement of NSFW might be overlooked in prologue to a piece. Forewarned, if you don’t care for any of that, don’t visit.

Thank you for your patience as I work to get this set up and running.

SPW 6-16-2020

Published by spwilcen

Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

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