A collection of fictional works. Most in short story form. Some longer. The occasional poem. Narratives and ‘conversational’ formats. One completed novel and several novellas which may make it inside. When I get zipped, and feel like testing your fortitude, I may go into an aside rant.

You by now have noticed, I have withdrawn all non-blog fictional works. Navigation obviously too complicated for most, it was hardly worth maintaining. Indices remain. Should you mistakenly browse the “creative” side and something strikes your fancy. Let me know. Everything is in archive.

Best you consider this NSFW. Safest for you. Easier for me; I’ll feel less obligated to put warnings on individual works. NSFW? Yup. Language, innuendo, and poking fun at societal elements. We all do it, so lighten-up. Flip your humor switch to the ‘on’ position. If you’re offended terribly, drop a note. I’ll do my best to ignore it. Maybe, in the process, we’ll both learn something.

All content unless explicitly credited otherwise is © SP Wilcenski 2020-2021.

Latest from the Blog

Adversary – May 7, 2021

–Animal cruelty. True-to-life profanity.1 Violence. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com [Buzz]2 Um. What?  What?! [Buzz] A fly.“A friggin fly!”Must’ve come in from the garage. [Buzz] Where did I put that flyswatter?Kitchen.  In the kitchen, idiot.“Ah. There it is.”Okay got the swatter.  Bet the booger is gone now. That’s okay. Leaves me in peace. … [Buzz]Continue reading “Adversary – May 7, 2021”

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