A collection of fictional works. Most in short story form. Some longer. The occasional poem. Narratives and ‘conversational’ formats. One completed novel and several novellas which may make it inside. When I get zipped, and feel like testing your fortitude, I may go into an aside rant.

Best you consider this NSFW. Safest for you. Easier for me; I’ll feel less obligated to put warnings on individual works. NSFW? Yup. Language, innuendo, and poking fun at societal elements. We all do it, so lighten-up. Flip your humor switch to the ‘on’ position. If you’re offended terribly, drop a note. I’ll do my best to ignore it. Maybe, in the process, we’ll both learn something.

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Latest from the Blog

December Already – November 30, 2020

A bit of flash I love this time of year.  Weather constantly reminding nature is preparing to lie down for a nap.  Christmas carols.  Fruitcake.  Waiting on the first snow.  Friends and family. Christmas shopping. I hate this time of year. Crass commercialism.  Crowded schedules.  Relentless requests for donations.  #&$&*@& snow.  Friends and family. Christmas shopping.Continue reading “December Already – November 30, 2020”

Customer Service – November 29, 2020

It has finally happened: “Brrng.  Brrng.  Click.  …For instructions in English, press two…” In my own country, a country where most people speak something akin to English, voice communications in English is relegated to a second or third choice in automated Customer Service systems.  The automated voice assures me: “Your call and your business areContinue reading “Customer Service – November 29, 2020”

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