A collection of fictional works. Most in short story form. Some longer. The occasional poem. Narratives and ‘conversational’ formats. One completed novel and several novellas which may make it inside. When I get zipped, and feel like testing your fortitude, I may go into an aside rant.

Best you consider this NSFW. Safest for you. Easier for me; I’ll feel less obligated to put warnings on individual works. NSFW? Yup. Language, innuendo, and poking fun at societal elements. We all do it, so lighten-up. Flip your humor switch to the ‘on’ position. If you’re offended terribly, drop a note. I’ll do my best to ignore it. Maybe, in the process, we’ll both learn something.

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Spoon Conundrum – January 11, 2021

Shortly, we will delve into high science.  If you are not scientifically oriented or do not understand that all scientific proofs are based upon all preceding proofs1, skip this post as it rates an NSFW2 alert. The carny barker picture above illustrates today’s subject.  Sadly, no bananas were available facilitating “banana for size.”  Editorial staffContinue reading “Spoon Conundrum – January 11, 2021”

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